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Tony Perkins and Jerry Boykin at the United Nations

On Friday, April eighteen, 2015 FRC President Tony Perkins and Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin spoke at the United Nations about the worldwide persecution of Christians. In the video clip beneath, their phase commences at the one:40:45 mark:

“Hostility to Religion in The united states” — new FRC publication

As we have just witnessed in some of the responses to final week’s Supreme Courtroom Pastime Foyer decision, there are those in our place who would not only diminish religious liberty through federal government coercion but denigrate as an archaism that our society must jettison. In accordance to C.J. Werleman in Salon, “The hyper-religious conservatives […]

Spiritual Liberty in The united states

Spiritual liberty in The us has long been a cherished flexibility. In recent a long time, response to exhibiting that religion in the public sphere has developed increasingly hostile. What is becoming completed about this gradual and methodical attack on the 1st Flexibility? Arrive hear from those who have battled on the front lines of […]

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