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Distortion: How the New Christian Remaining is Twisting the Gospel and Harmful the Religion

Some professing Evangelicals are functioning to adjust minds when it will come to identical-sex relationship, spiritual liberty, massive govt, and even the sanctity of daily life. Their good results has been modest but apparent in some Evangelical church buildings, campus ministries, and even Christian universities. The Christian Left is making an attempt to creep in—quietly […]

Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Detrimental the Religion

Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Detrimental the Faith What? Some thing has long gone mistaken in the Evangelical Local community. Maybe you have seen that anything is a bit off with more youthful Evangelicals’ stance on very same-sex marriage, religious liberty, large authorities, and even the sanctity of existence.

Columbus Day: A Time to Celebrate Religion in America

Dedicating his voyage “In the Title of Our Lord Jesus Christ” and giving himself as an instrument of God, Christopher Columbus established sail into the great unknown on August three, 1492. Approximately two months later on — 522 several years from this extremely week — Columbus’ excellent ship Santa Maria de Immaculada Concepcion approached the […]

“Hostility to Religion in The united states” — new FRC publication

As we have just witnessed in some of the responses to final week’s Supreme Courtroom Pastime Foyer decision, there are those in our place who would not only diminish religious liberty through federal government coercion but denigrate as an archaism that our society must jettison. In accordance to C.J. Werleman in Salon, “The hyper-religious conservatives […]

Your Intercourse Existence: More Like Your Religion than Your Race

Here’s a new technique to the main argument produced by very same-intercourse marriage proponents: When they say restricting marriage to man-lady unions is like committing racial discrimination, notify them they’re using the wrong analogy. 

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