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Relationship and Conscience Act critic reveals his personal hypocrisy and wish to discriminate

In a latest viewpoint piece on Louisiana’s Marriage and Conscience Act (HB 707), condition consultant and speaker professional tempore Walter J. Leger III tries to dictate morals to his constituents, but only ends up exposing his hypocrisy and desire to discriminate. In opposition to who? Towards religious individuals he doesn’t concur with, this sort of […]

Two Men, Three Men, A Gentleman and His Daughter: Relationship on the Slope

People of us who believe in gentleman-female relationship at times talk about the “slippery slope”: If we undo the age-outdated definition of marriage as the union of one man and 1 lady, this will guide to effects that go well beyond the terms of the present discussion.

Lesson from Obama Deception on Exact same-Intercourse “Relationship”: View What He Does, Not What He States

Information broke this week that former Obama political strategist David Axelrod has released a e-book in which he admits that, as Time journal place it, “Barack Obama misled Us citizens for his own political advantage when he claimed in the 2008 election to oppose very same intercourse relationship for religious factors.”

The Pope on Family members, Relationship and Existence

As an Evangelical in the classic Reformation custom, I’m not unaware of the theological distinctions between Catholicism and historic Protestantism. But all defenders of what we at Family members Study Council contact the “faith, household and freedom” agenda can just take heart from these wise and brave terms by Pope Francis, given just a few […]

News Flash: Pornography Hurts Relationship

Our pals at the Porn Harms Coalition (of which FRC is a member) have drawn consideration to a study that quantifies what every single widespread-sensical individual in the entire world is aware intuitively: Viewing pornography discourages and damages marriage. The German Institute for the Examine of Labor (evidently the Germans realize that marriage impacts labor […]

Sketchy Judicial Assignments in Ninth Circuit Relationship Instances

The American men and women are justified in asking yourself if they are ruled by interlocking ruling bodies that function in mystery, govern with unbridled duplicity, and are immune to correction by the Folks performing through their representatives or performing immediately in referenda. There have been several notable examples in the previous two months. Two […]

FRC Documents Amicus Short in Fifth Circuit Relationship Charm

Nowadays, the Household Analysis Council submitted an amicus, or “friend of the courtroom,” transient in the circumstance of Robicheaux v. Caldwell, an attractiveness of a marriage definition case arising out of Louisiana. On September threerd, Choose Martin Feldman of the Japanese District of Louisiana issued a selection upholding the constitutionality of Louisiana’s male-female definition of […]

Critics of All-natural Relationship Remain in Look for of Authorized Rationale in seventh Circuit Arguments

“I regard it as absurd, you say it’s self-evident.” That caustic remark — one particular of numerous — from Decide Richard Posner, in the course of the August 26 oral arguments with regards to Indiana and Wisconsin marriage regulations, possibly encapsulated the gulf amongst these looking for to retain the natural definition of marriage as the […]

The Fourth Circuit Receives It Fundamentally Wrong on Relationship

On Monday a divided 3-decide panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit in Richmond upheld a federal district court’s determination from February 2014 declaring Virginia’s male-feminine marriage definition to be unconstitutional. In Bostic v. Schaeffer, the Court of Appeals ruled that Virginia’s “Marriage Regulations,” such as its electorally-enacted constitutional provision defining […]

FRC Documents Amicus Brief in Michigan Exact same-Sexual intercourse Relationship Circumstance

There seem to be to be more authorized difficulties to condition regulations proclaiming organic relationship than there are stars in the sky. A single of these, DeBoer v. Snyder, arises out of Michigan. In DeBoer, a federal district court docket declared Michigan’s all-natural relationship definition to be unconstitutional.  The decision was appealed by Michigan to […]

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