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Dawkins: Protect Youngsters from their Spiritual Mothers and fathers

Distinguished atheist Richard Dawkins made news recently for telling an Irish Occasions reporter that children need “to be secured so that they can have a correct education and learning and not be indoctrinated in no matter what religion their dad and mom occur to have been introduced up in.”

The frosting can not protect it up

Yesterday Prepared Parenthood wished alone a Pleased ninety seventh Birthday. Its Fb page and Twitter feed highlighted the image of a one candle, atop a frosted and sprinkled cupcake, with the following terms: “97 years ago the initial Prepared Parenthood clinic opened in Brooklyn,New York. These days, we celebrate the 3 million patients that come […]

Urge your state lawmakers to protect your Second Amendment rights

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is quite clear: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This right to self-defense was enshrined in the Bill of Rights to enable the American people to protect themselves both against violent men and government tyranny.

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