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Tony Perkins and Jerry Boykin at the United Nations

On Friday, April eighteen, 2015 FRC President Tony Perkins and Executive Vice President Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. “Jerry” Boykin spoke at the United Nations about the worldwide persecution of Christians. In the video clip beneath, their phase commences at the one:40:45 mark:

The Poverty of Nations: Functional Solutions for a World in Need to have

My friend Dr. Wayne Grudem, one of America’s leading theologians and a male of wonderful compassion for people in need, has released a new op-ed in FoxNews.com.  Titled, “The Only Way for the Bad to Escape from Poverty,” the piece is a limited, introductory summary of Dr. Grudem’s ebook, Poverty of Nations (equally the e-book […]

The Poverty of Nations

Why do some societies thrive and other people perpetually battle? How can we reduce poverty most properly and help underdeveloped nations increase powerful and self-enough? Dr. Wayne Grudem will address these inquiries as he discusses his new guide, The Poverty of Nations. In this important new operate, Dr. Grudem, a theologian, associates with economist Dr. […]

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