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Justice Kennedy and the Lonely Promethean Male of Liberalism

In The Public Discourse, David Azerrad, director of the Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Concepts and Politics, has written the best analysis of the fundamental philosophy of Justice Kennedy’s viewpoint I have yet study. It is penetrating, eloquent, and powerful. The complete textual content follows.

Analyzing Tony Kennedy: My only Energy Lunch

Tony Kennedy had just been verified to a lifestyle appointment on the U.S. Supreme Court docket in late 1987 when I obtained an invitation to lunch from a law firm in a nicely-revered Washington firm. John Connolly was a man I experienced never met. Mr. Connolly, I was knowledgeable, was Pat Buchanan’s brother-in-law. The message […]

Remembering John F. Kennedy: November 22, 1963

At my current large faculty reunion, many of my classmates remarked on the “Happy Days” we experienced lived through. It was real. Our course entered junior higher the autumn that Sputnik was introduced, 1957, and we took our SAT’s the Saturday after the peaceful conclusion of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Oct 1962. In these a […]

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