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Justice Kennedy and the Lonely Promethean Male of Liberalism

In The Public Discourse, David Azerrad, director of the Heritage Foundation’s B. Kenneth Simon Center for Concepts and Politics, has written the best analysis of the fundamental philosophy of Justice Kennedy’s viewpoint I have yet study. It is penetrating, eloquent, and powerful. The complete textual content follows.

Is this the Sort of Individual You Want to Operate the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice?

The radicalism of the Obama Administration by no means ceases to amaze us, does it? This was introduced house this week by Mark Levin’s prolonged discussion of “President Obama personally nominating a previous cop killer’s attorney, Debo Adegbile, to head up the Civil Rights Division of the Section of Justice.” Please pay attention to the […]

New FRC Publication: “Social Justice: How Excellent Intentions Undermine Justice and Gospel,” by E. Calvin Beisner

Social justice is term that alternately suggests financial redistributionism, on the 1 hand, and independence from oppression, on the other. It’s loaded, which is why it is so typically utilised by those looking for a rhetorical weapon with which to express their indignation in excess of a real or imagined evil. After all, who can […]

Social Justice: How Great Intentions Undermine Gospel and Justice

FRC has unveiled a new booklet that examines the unintended implications of redistribution and seems at the indicating behind justice.  Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Founder and Nationwide Spokesman of The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Development, brings to gentle how we should be carefully examining what the Bible suggests about meanings guiding justice and […]

The Nidal Hasan Scenario: Justice Delayed

It could hardly be a lot more of what we used to contact an “open and shut” case. Nidal Hasan, an active obligation Military major and psychiatrist, walked into a area at Fort Hood, Texas, shouting “Allahu Akbar!” and shot 30 people, killing fourteen. 1 of his victims, Francheska Velez, was expecting at the time.

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