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The Liberty Menace: Assault on Spiritual Liberty in America

Metropolis officers in Houston subpoenaed sermons from spot pastors to see what they’ve stated about sexuality and gender. Christian ministries are getting pushed off school campus for obtaining Christian statements of faith. A New Mexico Supreme Courtroom justice wrote in an impression that Christian businesspeople “compelled by law to compromise the extremely spiritual beliefs that […]

Columbus Day: A Time to Celebrate Religion in America

Dedicating his voyage “In the Title of Our Lord Jesus Christ” and giving himself as an instrument of God, Christopher Columbus established sail into the great unknown on August three, 1492. Approximately two months later on — 522 several years from this extremely week — Columbus’ excellent ship Santa Maria de Immaculada Concepcion approached the […]

Israel’s Bicentennial Present to America

In New York on that two hundredth Fourth of July, 1976, the Parade of Tall Ships sailed majestically down the East River. My Coast Guard buddy, Lt. Cdr. Bill Albanese and I were specially eager to see the procession of sailing vessels from all more than the planet. Monthly bill brought his son, Dante, and […]

Significantly less Than a Third of People in america Want Federal Govt to Redefine Relationship

With the Supreme Court docket thanks to rule on two situations seeking the redefinition of relationship subsequent week, the media has been reporting commonly on polls that assert a majority of People in america now help this kind of a redefinition to incorporate homosexual partners. The implication still left by some of these stories is […]

Gov. Mike Huckabee phone calls Southern Poverty Law Middle one of the “Greatest Frauds in America”

Before today, General Jerry Boykin,FRC’s Govt Vice President appeared on Mike Huckabee’s radio present to discuss the release of a new video that displays the Southern Poverty Legislation Center’s url to the terrorist taking pictures at Family members Investigation Council on August 15.  

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