Your Children Belong to the Collective ¿ Resistance is Futile

Nowadays, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck mentioned the MSNBC promo featuring one particular of their hosts, Melissa Harris-Perry, who nonchalantly asserts that we should adopt the “notion” that kids “belong to complete communities.” Both Limbaugh and Beck appeared close to getting strokes.  Justifiably so. 

In the Glen Beck video, she says:

We have never ever invested as considerably in general public education and learning as we ought to have because we have constantly had variety of a non-public idea of young children. Your child is yours and completely your duty. We have not had a quite collective notion of these are our kids. So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private notion that little ones belong to their dad and mom or youngsters belong to their people and acknowledge that youngsters belong to whole communities.

….in no way invested as a lot in pubic education and learning as we should have….”  The United States spends an massive amount on public education.

This philosophy of political-instructional is not new: Plato espoused this kind of totalitarianism, so did Danton in the course of the French Revolution.  FRC has a excellent essay on statists and schooling.  See the FRC pamphlet, “Who Should Decide How Kids Are Educated” by Jack Klenk for an exploration of how this sort of ideas conflict with American rules of flexibility, legal rights, and constitutional regulation (see esp. sections 4 and 5).  (Right here is the executive summary.) – Most recent entries

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