Why Prepared Parenthood’s Abortion Quotas are Anti-Ladies

Most of us really don’t count on to hear a sales pitch when we go to a healthcare appointment.

Nevertheless, that’s what ladies get when they go to Planned Parenthood.

A new advancement in Planned Parenthood’s continued desire to coax ladies into deciding on abortion has surfaced, according to stories from Breitbart.com and CNS information.

A Prepared Parenthood clinic in Aurora Colorado has lately obtained an award for “exceeding abortion visits [in the] very first fifty percent of FY12 when compared to the 1st fifty percent of FY13,” from the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains,

Why need to girls care that Planned Parenthood is providing its satellite clinics a pat on the back?

Because this clinic’s certificate for becoming an abortion “over achiever” confirms that Prepared Parenthood has minimum quotas for abortions.

Abortion quotas set clinics in the enterprise of promoting these lifestyle-ending procedures instead of serving females in accordance to their requirements. The abortion award in Colorado only more verifies testimonies about Prepared Parenthood’s agenda from earlier employees, these kinds of as Marianne Anderson. Marianne Anderson, who labored at a Prepared Parenthood in Indianapolis for two and a half a long time, told The Criterion:

You have to have so many [abortions] a thirty day period to remain open up. In our meetings they’d inform us, ‘If abortions are down, you could get sent property early and not get as many hours.’”

Planned Parenthood currently being in the company of peddling abortions over other choices is absolutely nothing new. A pamphlet by Loved ones Study Council states:

According to estimates, a 1st trimester non-subsidized abortion fees roughly $ 550. As documented in their 2010 annual report, Prepared Parenthood carried out 329,445 abortions, yielding about $ 181,000,000 in revenue—solely from abortions performed that year. In contrast, Planned Parenthood created 841 adoption referrals in 2010.

Last yr Prepared Parenthood carried out 327,166 abortions and raked in revenue of $ one.21 billion pounds last, 45% of which was funded by tax payers, according to their yearly report.

Prepared Parenthood, like any other enterprise, would like to make as significantly cash as possible. But it is disingenuous—if not immoral—for this organization to claim it has women’s wellness as its top priority although also placing incentives for employees to push one particular (lucrative) option on women.

When vulnerable ladies enter a clinic they expect to meet up with a expert who values their overall health. Not a salesperson, keen to pawn off a solution. It is clear, then, that Prepared Parenthood cares a lot more about its profit margins than the ladies it promises to serve.

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