Washington Submit asks: “What went improper for President Obama?”

We are all waiting for today’s essential election returns and for the publish-mortems that will inevitably comply with. But our hometown newspaper, the Washington Submit, is not waiting around for the ballots to be documented tonight (and perhaps some to be forged in Louisiana on December sixth with, perhaps, some even to be introduced in by dogsled in Alaska!)

No, the Post is undertaking a pre-mortem. They printed this headline an incredible headline in this morning’s edition. This reliably liberal property organ is leaping the gun with evaluation of the President’s failure and the “many crises [in his second phrase] and considerably less faith in his [Mr. Obama’s] capability to respond.”

Last but not least, the liberal editors are asking themselves a issue I can reply for them.

Here’s what went wrong for President Obama:

  1. He permitted himself to turn into the ready accomplice of Prepared Parenthood. He instructed Speaker Boehner he would veto any Continuing Resolution of Congress that normally takes absent even one particular greenback from this evil organization that dismembers a thousand unborn American youngsters every day.
  1. His Obamacare laws will pressure millions of Individuals to shell out for the killing of unborn children. This will be the best enlargement of abortion considering that the notorious Roe v. Wade ruling.
  1. He has “evolved” into the nation’s most strong marriagender. Invoice Clinton signed the Protection of Marriage Act in 1996, a law we could have passed by way of Congress with out a single Republican vote. Just 18 years back, Democrats joined Republicans in supporting marriage. As just lately as 2008, Barack instructed voters he thought “marriage is between a gentleman and a female and God is in the blend.” [emphasis added.]

Evidently, if you like your God you can hold Him. But President Obama has moved on on marriage. He has abruptly become conscious that the Constitution all together has necessary every single state to recognize counterfeit marriages. For a guy who proudly tells us he taught Constitutional Law, this is an wonderful, if tardy, discovery.

  1. He presides more than the most anti-Christian administration in U.S. historical past. Never ever ahead of have so many churches, pastors, priests and Christian citizens located their religious flexibility so gravely endangered. Liberal reporters think this is rightwing hysteria and react: “What about these Bible riots in Philadelphia in the 1840s?” Gotcha, they say. NO. Those Bible riots—deplorable as they were—were in no way instigated by the President and backed by the entire power of the federal authorities. Right now, Catholic bishops, Lutheran church entire body leaders, Evangelical pastors, Mormon officials, and rabbinical affiliation spokespersons are united as never ever prior to in our nation’s historical past to push back again in opposition to President Obama’s threats to religious freedom.
  1. His is the first administration in our historical past openly hostile to Israel. Woodrow Wilson, Democrat, favored the creation of a Jewish Condition in Palestine. Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt met with the Saudi king in 1945 in an effort to persuade him to acknowledge a Jewish Point out. Harry Truman boldly regarded Israel 11 minutes right after it declared its independence in 1948. But President Obama is pressuring Israel to allow the development of a PLO Terroristan on the West Financial institution of the Jordan River. President Obama refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, but he went to reunited Berlin to bask in the adulation of German crowds.

For these and a host of other, lesser, reasons, this president has dropped what the Chinese get in touch with “the Mandate of Heaven.”

Barbara Walters spoke to this entire world-weary perception that liberals have about the Obama Presidency when she sighed: “We believed he was going to be the Messiah.”

And Newsweek editor Evan Thomas cooed early in this administration that President Obama at Normandy “hovered more than the nations like a type of god.”

Can Mr. Thomas inform us what his god mentioned at Normandy? Can President Obama don’t forget what he explained there? In 2009? In 2014?

Our God speaks. And via His Phrase, we discover of his tender problem for youngsters, even these in the womb. We understand that He developed marriage since it is not very good for man to be alone. And we learn that when it will come to talking His Phrase, we are to obey God and not men.

Our Founding Fathers considered that spiritual freedom was crucial for political liberty. Which is why they guaranteed it in the Constitution they gave us. Socialist governments have often been hostile to three institutions—the family, the church, and free enterprise.

So we must not be amazed that President Obama is obtaining mounting problems. It is a indication of a wholesome entire body politic that the immune method is starting to reject his ruling philosophy.

Prospect Obama stunned Clinton Democrats when he said, “Ronald Reagan modified the trajectory of The united states in a way that Richard Nixon did not. And in a way that Invoice Clinton did not.”

Barack Obama was promising liberals he would be their Ronald Reagan. But Reagan quoted the Founding Fathers’ wisdom much more than any of his 4 predecessors and a lot more than any of his four successors.

Possibly that is why, respecting this country’s foundation and not in search of to “fundamentally remodel this country,” as Mr. Obama has, that Ronald Reagan was a good results and this president is not.

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