Washington Put up Commentator: President Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Remarks “Patronizing in the Extreme”

Eugene Robinson, no social conservative, is a columnist for the Washington Put up.  In his op-ed in today’s paper, he offers a considerate critique of President Obama’s Countrywide Day of Prayer remarks about Christians, the Crusades, and slavery.  Titled, “At the prayer breakfast, President Obama struck a patronizing tone,” listed here are some trenchant excerpts:

“ … the abolitionist motion grew out of Christian belief and the Christian church. William Wilberforce, the excellent British activist who spurred the abolition of slavery during the empire — and significantly impressed abolitionists in the United States — was a born-once more Christian. Long prior to the Civil War, the religious and moral argument experienced been won by the anti-slavery aspect … the civil rights motion never ever could have triumphed with no the Christian churches, both in the South and the North, which served as organizational nodes. The institution led by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was known as the Southern Christian Leadership Meeting … to assess the depredations of the Islamic Condition with people of the Crusaders is patronizing in the severe. Why? Simply because Muslims are not slow learners who can be held to only a medieval ethical common. Everyone in the entire world can be expected to know that it is improper to melt away a helpless human being alive, as Islamic Condition murderers did to a captive Jordanian pilot.”

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