Wahoo, Terps!

I just received back from an annual trek to Charlottesville to go to my dear aged alma mater, College of Virginia, when O Say Can You See? It’s not the U.Va. soccer crew, the “Wahoos,” who are the center of attention this weekend it’s the College of Maryland’s Terps. Dread the Turtle!

I have to take my Cavalier hat off and cheer for Maryland for this superb way to rejoice the two hundredth anniversary of  “The Defence of Fort McHenry.” (Yes, they still spelled it the British way back again then.) Francis Scott Key’s excellent poem was composed to commemorate America’s victory in a “key” battle of the War of 1812. Key’s poem became greater known as “The Star Spangled Banner” and in time, it grew to become our national anthem.

Two hundred years ago this Saturday, September thirteen, 1814, the British had just occur north from burning Washington, D.C. Admiral George Cockburn and Gen. Robert Ross experienced place the White Home, the Capitol, and the Library of Congress to the torch. They ended up performing in reprisal for the American burning of Canada’s provincial capital of York earlier in the war.

British Gen. Robert Ross was specifically zealous in his desire to crush the Yankees. Baltimore was then imagined to be the genuine goal of the invaders since it was a main port. The nation’s money was still a modest city. Right after demanding breakfast from an American farmer, the general was questioned where he and his army had been headed. “I will have supper in Baltimore, or in hell,” he mentioned defiantly.  Shortly afterward, the General was shot and killed by an American militaman. File under: Pride goeth.

I specifically like the simple fact that the Terrapins’ uniforms will characteristic an define of Fort McHenry on the helmets and terms from The Star-Spangled Banner on their helmets, jerseys, and pants. Wow!

I can not assist pointing out that you would discover more of your country’s historical past, a lot more of patriotism, and much more about the meaning of this Residence of the Courageous and Land of the Free of charge by heading to a Maryland soccer match than by using an Innovative Placement U.S. Historical past Program (APUSH). The producers of that mess of pottage seem to be to feel that they are actually critical scholars if they are able to tear down this nation and the people who pay their salaries.

We are shocked at the notion of a number of hundred Unamericans said to be fighting for ISIS or other jihadists abroad. One of individuals, Douglas McAuthur McCain joins other misguided young men serving their country’s enemies.

Who were this young man’s large school teachers? What did they educate him? When and where do youthful people discover what it signifies to be an American?

Are they taught to read the U.S. Constitution?

Treason in opposition to the United States, shall consist only in levying War towards them, or in adhering to their Enemies, supplying them Assist and Convenience. No Particular person shall be convicted of Treason until on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the identical overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Artwork. III, Sec. 3.

The Framers of our Structure set a high normal of proof for treason. We have not experienced to prosecute numerous Individuals in the earlier two hundred several years for treason. But that does not imply it doesn’t arise. Combating for ISIS is a rather clear case of treason.

Douglas McCain won’t have to be concerned about Eric Holder looking through him his Miranda rights or obtaining a pro bono attorney consider up his circumstance. Younger McCain was killed on the battlefield.

A single of the strains on the uniform trousers of the Terps says “Conquer we Have to.” Well, I hope they earn. The line is exclusively about football games, we will be assured.

But Francis Scott Key’s phrases have been not about sport:

Then conquer we must

When our result in it is just

And this be our motto

In God is our Trust

With Bibles being banned at Walter Reed Clinic and burned at our army bases in Afghanistan, with Penn State College removing Bibles from housing, is it any ponder that some younger folks are hopelessly confused?

We chuckle at honor and are shocked to find traitors between us,” wrote C.S. Lewis 50 percent a century ago.

I specifically like the truth that the College of Maryland uniforms characteristic cursive creating for some of the strains from The Star-Spangled Banner. With the onset of Frequent Main, there is a thrust (APUSH?) to get rid of cursive handwriting. That is explanation adequate to oppose this unneeded and intrusive hard work to have government management what is taught and what is thought.

I prefer Ronald Reagan’s thought: Ours is the only Constitution in the planet that commences with three potent terms: We the People.

As long as we have the type of enthusiasm and patriotism represented by the College of Maryland’s new soccer uniforms, and their fanatical supporters, we will carry on to be a authorities of the folks, by the individuals, and for the folks. Go Terps!

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