United Nations vs. the Vatican

United Nations vs. the Vatican

A committee operating under the auspices of the U.N. has just lately chided the Vatican for its failure to effectively employ the Conference on the Rights of the Child in the Church. A panel will analyze the implications of this committee report as nicely as the dangers of U.N. overreach in the spot of faith. The report goes effectively past abuse and cites the need to have for the Roman Catholic Church to reexamine its teachings on ethical concerns these kinds of as abortion. Arrive join FRC as we talk about the U.N. treaty Convention on the Rights of the Youngster and its possible a a catalyst for religious discrimination in the context of this fight between the Vatican and the U.N.

Austin Ruse is the head of C-Fam and group which monitors and tell worldwide bodies on social plan. Ruse or his group have participated in every single significant UN social coverage negotiation given that 1997 including the multi-year negotiations that created the Worldwide Legal Courtroom.

He has briefed customers of the U.S. House and Senate on U.N. issues, as properly as briefing White Residence and National Security Council personnel.

Pat Fagan is Senior Fellow and Director of the Marriage and Religion Analysis Institute (MARRI), which examines the relationships amongst household, relationship, religion, neighborhood, and America’s social problems, as illustrated in the social science info. A native of Ireland, Fagan earned his Bachelor of Social Science degree, a professional graduate diploma in psychology (Dip. Psych.) as effectively as his Ph.D. from College School Dublin.

Travis Weber Travis S. Weber is the Director of the Heart for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, the place he focuses on all way of lawful and policy problems pertaining to spiritual flexibility.

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