Three Cheers for the Santa Clara Broncos (and not for a athletics victory)!

Santa Clara College, a Jesuit school positioned at the southern stop of San Francisco Bay, “is dropping protection for elective abortions beneath overall health insurance policy for its school and staff members.”

According to the Los Angeles Instances,Santa Clara president Michael Engh, himself a Jesuit, wrote the school’s 1600 personnel that “Our core commitments as a Jesuit, Catholic university are not compatible with the inclusion of elective abortion protection in the university’s well being strategies.”  Reporter Larry Gordon notes that “as essential by point out law, the college even now will include contraception and so-called therapeutic abortions, individuals deemed medically essential to help save the mother’s existence or well being, amid other aspects. Santa Clara, which enrolls about eight,500 pupils, is not offering the possibility of the unsubsidized program for elective techniques, in accordance to campus spokeswoman Deepa Arora.”

SCU follows the lead of Loyola Marymount University, whose faculty and pupils final 7 days have been educated in a letter signed by college president David W. Burcham and Board of Trustees Chair Kathleen H. Aikenhead that “Catholic heritage and faithfulness to the Catholic Church’s core educating on dignity of each human getting at all phases of life” mandates that it drop coverage of abortion on desire.  Instead, the school will “offer employees a individual, unsubsidized program to cover those procedures.”

The academic natives are far more than restless more than these changes: “This genuinely can make Santa Clara University’s convey commitment to openness, diversity and inclusiveness ring hollow,” stated a single SCU heritage professor.  And Loyola Marymount economics professor Jennifer Pate states the decision demonstrates that LMU “values diversity much less than our Catholic affiliation.” 

Diversity, properly understood, just implies that opposing points of see concerning important issues are authorized to prosper.  For instance, there are a host of opinions about how very best to relieve poverty and they are welcome as component of the atmosphere of inquiry and debate intrinsic to a higher education campus.  Diversity does not imply that all preferential procedures (you abort a child, I mainline heroin – hey, everybody’s various!) ought to be permitted. 

Why?  Since, in the scenario of abortion, the unborn youngster is not just a assortment of blood, tissue and DNA.  From the second of fertilization, the small embryo is a person who need to appreciate the most fundamental proper of a particular person – the correct to life.

Santa Clara and Loyola Marymount have taken modest steps to length them selves from abortion.  It would be hoped that they would soon join with colleges like The Catholic College of The us (Washington, D.C.), Ave Maria University (Florida), and Belmont Abbey (South Carolina), and other Catholic and Evangelical Protestant colleges in suing the Obama Administration because it demands them “to violate (their)s deeply held religious beliefs or shell out crippling fines of up to $ fifteen,000 bucks per working day, or a lot more than $ 5 million per year.” 

For now, let’s applaud the SCU Broncos and the Loyola Marymount Lions for bending the arc of political correctness in the route of life. – Newest entries

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