They Need to be Blushing Crimson at the U of Alabama

This week’s tale out of the University of Alabama about what apparently are racially segregated sororities and fraternities at that institution has left this bona fide and possibly naive Yankee a little bit shocked. The Crimson Tide’s “Greek program continues to be segregated,” in accordance to university president Dr. Judy L. Bonner. News reports note that force to preserve the Greeks segregated comes, in part, from alumni. Numerous of them are, a single can presume, dad and mom of the current pledges.

In the period of “The Blind Side” and the presidency of a man of coloration, the idea that this sort of issue could come about seems impressive. However outdated bigotries die difficult, outdated stereotypes are tough to crack, and old ignorance resists the freshness of truth.

Racism is a sin from God: “The God who produced the entire world and all items in it … He manufactured from a single man every single nation of mankind to live on all the confront of the earth” (Acts 17:24-28). If each and every human currently being is manufactured in the impression and likeness of his or her Creator, every individual possesses the dignity of equivalent and excellent benefit ahead of Him. Unless the dictionary just lately has been creatively edited, “every” is an encompassing phrase, inclusive of all of that to which it refers.

Each sq. has edges. Every beach has drinking water. And each race and ethnicity is similarly loved and prized by the Lord of the universe.

Racism is also unpatriotic at the most elementary level. Abraham Lincoln referred to as human equality “the central idea” of the American republic: Our Creator has endowed every single person with legal rights from which he or she, by virtue of getting human, can’t be alienated. This argument animated the Revolution, the Civil War and the Civil Legal rights movement. Profoundly unrealized for generations of slaves and imperfectly realized for a lot of of their ancestors and other people, it continues to be our country’s salient contribution to the eternal contest for human dignity. It is what helps make, or ought to make, us proud to be Americans.

The concept that some college students are getting denied entry into a university’s Greek method simply because of race should be repulsive to each and every citizen of our region and, for Christians, direct to a renewed determination to pursue racial reconciliation. Both Jesus truly loves all the small youngsters of the entire world, or the Bible is a lie. Since it is not, let us better reside it out. – Newest entries

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