The Savagery and Horror of ISIS

With the ongoing savagery of ISIS in the news, FRC’s Bob Morrison and Ken Blackwell have two op-eds in American Thinker that examines the stance that the U.S. has taken on this team.   Both Blackwell and Morrison’s modern report seems at how President Obama has dealt with ISIS and the expanding menace that this group poses on global security.

President Obama is locked in a Westphalian attitude. That seminal 1648 Treaty of Westphalia ended the 30 A long time War in Europe and gave us the nation-condition technique we see today. Or most of it. What ISIS displays, even so, is that the Westphalian definitions genuinely really don’t apply in the Mideast. It was an Egyptian diplomat who famously stated: “There is only one particular country over listed here the relaxation are tribes with flags.”

Thankfully, President Obama realizes that you are not able to give credence to a border among Iraq and Syria. He suggests he will hammer ISIS in Syria. Go to it. (However, this president appears not to recognize a border among the Mexico and the U.S., either.)

You can read through much more from their op-ed below.

Thirty years in the past, FRC’s Bob Morrison watched a beheading video clip. And he has never ever neglected the horror of it. Here’s his column that ran in American Thinker on August thirty, 2014 – Most current entries

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