The Oscars and the Unfortunate Reality about Media Society

There has been some worry about the crass humor displayed at the Oscars last Sunday. I did not watch the Oscars, but I have study enough of what was explained to know it was a ethical debacle. When even young children are the subject of coarse jesting, it gets to be even more troubling. When a tradition treats intercourse as a joke and utilizes lewdness to appeal to consideration, it is a indicator of that culture’s weak spot. Why does an emcee at a key media awards celebration come to feel it is appropriate to make remarks about a youthful actress’ sexual appeal to George Clooney? It is simply because our tradition has misplaced its moral footing.

Hollywoodoften expresses outrage at the very items it promotes. Violence, sexual licentiousness, the objectification of ladies and young children, and bullying (specifically the “Christian right”) have been all portion of what was celebrated and joked about at this year’s Oscars, nevertheless all are factors Hollywood would argue from in other contexts. When will the moral decay in media stop? Perhaps, it will cease when Americans stop spending for it at the box office.

What would I do to motivate peace, love, the honoring of women, and the protection of our young children in media? I would suggest adopting the Christian moral ethic that treats sexual intercourse and relationship as sacred and that admonishes us to enjoy our neighbors as ourselves. It could be known as previous-fashioned, but it is specifically what our culture needs. – Latest entries

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