The Lies and Hypocrisy of NARAL

NARAL lately manufactured headlines with claims that Google eliminated advertisements from pregnancy centers that had been “deceptive.” As it turns out, the statements had been just hoopla. Jill Stanek verified a number of days back: “All major countrywide being pregnant care heart organizations have confirmed to myself or fellow professional-life journalists that not one of their PRC ads has been pulled from Google. These groups include the gamut and contain CareNet, CompassCare, Heartbeat Global, Heroic Media, Nationwide Institute of Loved ones and Lifestyle Advocates, Online for Lifestyle, and Vitae Foundation.”

NARAL also has some outlining to do. If anybody is getting misleading it is the abortion business. Why is it that when I did a Google research for “crisis pregnancy center,” a single Prepared Parenthood and yet another abortion facility came up? These are absolutely not crisis pregnancy centers. Observe that Planned Parenthood has “Crisis Pregnancy Center” as its descriptive. Isn’t that a little hypocritical and ironic, NARAL? The deception that you try to blame on pregnancy facilities points proper back to you and your cronies. – Newest entries

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