Taxpayers Should not Shell out for Pornography

H.R. 5628, the Eliminating Pornography from Companies Act, would prohibit government personnel from accessing pornography on the occupation.  This Act passed out of committee this week and may well look needless. 

Wouldn’t that type of exercise get you fired?  Not in the world of the Federal Authorities.  An EPA worker who viewed as a lot as six hrs a working day of explicit material was nevertheless on the govt payroll a yr right after currently being caught.  It is sad that our government has turn out to be so bloated that it cannot keep employees responsible for dereliction of their duties. 

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) sponsored the invoice to correct this dilemma.  Taxpayers shouldn’t be on the dime for something so hazardous to culture.  Let’s hope Rep. Meadows’ invoice reaches the President’s desk.  For a lot more info on the effects of pornography, you should see the operate accomplished by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. – Most current entries

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