Something Need to Be Accomplished!

Something Should Be Completed!

The Household Research Council will host Rev. Richard Owen Roberts (see bio below) as our specific visitor speaker in our Lunchtime Lecture Series at FRC Headquarters. He will address the ever increasing cry, “Something must be accomplished!” Adhering to his message, Rev. Roberts will be accessible for concerns and dialogue. Attendees will enjoy a complimentary buffet lunch. Rev. Roberts thinks that despite the religious confusion and even judgments of God we see about us, it is not too late for The us. But our difficulties are, at their root, religious, and to be settled they should be dealt with at the root.

Rev. Richard Owen Roberts, a previous pastor, modestly describes himself as an “Itinerant Minister, Bookseller and Publisher.” But to hungry Christians throughout America Rev. Roberts as a champion for accurate Revival and Awakening in our working day.

Rev. Roberts is founder of Worldwide Awakening Ministries, now the R.O. Roberts Trust. He studied at Gordon, Whitworth and Fuller Theological Seminary, and pastored in Idaho, Oregon, Washington and California. Since 1975, he, his wife, Margaret and their loved ones have lived in the Chicago region, in close proximity to Wheaton Higher education. His personal collection of 9,000 in addition books on revivals and awakenings, serves as the nucleus of Wheaton’s Billy Graham Centre Library. Roberts has written many a lot on these matters.

In the early 90’s, Rev. Roberts writings on Biblical Solemn Assembly stirred believers who had been involved for the condition of their church buildings and the moral and religious course of our country. This biblical practice is implies whereby people, church buildings and nations can return to God place away the sins of the past and embark on a new start off. The fantastic point out-broad times of prayer practiced in the colonies and in the states for the duration of the initial century of the Republic the times of “humiliation, fasting and prayer” called by the several Continental Congresses, the nationwide get in touch with to prayer by President Abraham Lincoln amid the Civil War, had been taken from the Biblical concept of Solemn Assembly. The Nationwide Working day of Prayer, also, is derived from the follow.

Several big protestant denominations, most notably the Southern Baptists, the Assemblies of God and the Church of God (TN) obtaining discovered from Roberts’ work and held historic solemn assemblies during the 10 years of the nineties. A lot of other churches and groups throughout the country have equally sought to learn from this biblical sample (find out much more about Biblical Solemn Assembly Listed here find out a lot more about Rev. Roberts’ Ministry at – Upcoming Occasions

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