Ronald Reagan and the Bible: “Rock on which our Republic Rests”

It arrived up once again this week as I was making ready for an FRC radio job interview: What to say about President Reagan’s faith, specially in a 7 days when his 103rd birthday coincided with the annual Congressional Prayer Breakfast?

Nicely, President Reagan utilized his remarks at the 1983 Prayer Breakfast to announce his Proclamation of the Year of the Bible. Plainly, the members at that extended in the past breakfast were content to hear this good information. Just as evidently, the atheizers and the cultured despisers of faith were unsatisfied. It was as well a lot mixing of church and point out to their taste.

Even so, President Reagan held firm. He never wavered in declaring that:

the Aged and New Testaments of the Bible influenced numerous of the early settlers of our nation, providing them with the energy, character, convictions, and religion required to stand up to fantastic hardship and danger in this new and rugged land.

He even went on to quote President Andrew Jackson in his personal. Jackson had said the Bible is “the Rock on which our Republic rests.” Jackson was the very first president of the modern day Democratic Get together, the guy most associated with creating a effective political motion that embraced hundreds of thousands of immigrants, specifically Irish and German refugees fleeing tyranny abroad.

Several of these new People in america were Catholics and some were Jews. But they came listed here yearning to breathe cost-free and hoping to avail on their own of the spiritual, civil, and economic freedoms that The us even then afforded.

Reagan’s proclamation estimates Abraham Lincoln’s phrases about the Bible.

There could be no much more fitting instant than now to mirror with gratitude, humility, and urgency upon the knowledge unveiled to us in the producing that Abraham Lincoln known as “the best reward God has ever presented to male … But for it we could not know appropriate from wrong.”

In early 1983, the American economic climate was even now in deep distress. The “malaise” of Jimmy Carter’s failed insurance policies was nonetheless currently being felt in the place of work, the offices, and factories of a recovering country. Unemployment was nevertheless at ten% and inflation experienced not however been brought under control.

A lot of of the atheizers and liberals carped that the President of the United States had, or should to have, far more essential things on his thoughts than proclaiming a Yr of the Bible.

Get U.S.-Soviet relations, they mentioned. Why, Reagan has not even fulfilled with his Soviet “counterpart,” the ruler of the Communist Celebration of the USSR. President Reagan was also well mannered to lecture these editorial writers that he had no Soviet counterpart. He was the constitutionally picked chief of a great Republic. He experienced received nearly forty four million votes in a free and open election. The ruler of the USSR had been unanimously chosen by Communist Party delegates who had been dependable to no a single besides the Communist Party.

Rather of a political science lecture, even so, on the essential differences between a cost-free place like The united states and the Soviet Union keeping all its Captive Nations powering the Iron Curtain, Reagan deflected critics with humor.

How can I meet up with the Soviets when they preserve dying on me?

Searching again on 1983, that prolonged ago Year of the Bible, we can note some interesting events.

  • President Reagan addressed the country in March of that 12 months to announce his Strategic Protection Initiative (SDI). Critics jumped on it and stated it was hazardous and wouldn’t function. They named it “Star Wars” to show their contempt. Reagan didn’t brain: He understood Individuals liked the Star Wars motion pictures and conveniently determined the Soviets with the bad guys in the movies.
  • Reagan spoke in March to the National Affiliation of Evangelicals (NAE) and warned them not to switch a blind eye to “the machinations of an evil empire.” He only utilized that time period once. He never ever said the USSR was that evil empire. But the subsequent day, in Moscow, the Communist editors of Pravda and Izvestia exploded in rage, charging him with labeling the Soviet Union with those “provocative” words and phrases. Deep in the bowels of the GuLAG, the Soviet slave labor method, prisoners go through of Reagan’s words and phrases and took heart. They excitedly tapped out the phrases “evil empire” on plumbing pipes. Finally, an American president receives it, they said to each other.
  • In September, the Soviet Union shot down a straying civilian jet liner, Korean Airlines Flight 007. All 269 travellers and crew of the unarmed aircraft had been murdered in cold blood. Through the West, liberals feared Reagan would use this as his pretext for a war with the USSR. Reagan exercised wonderful restraint, employing the shoot down as an celebration for closing Soviet consulates and tightening the screws of his financial boycott. But he experienced the grim pleasure of allowing the entire world see the Russian bear as it genuinely was—with tooth and fangs bared.
  • One month afterwards, President Reagan requested U.S. forces to liberate very small Grenada from Soviet-backed Cubans and homegrown Communists. The Caribbean island nation was only one/10 the measurement of Rhode Island, but its one hundred,000 residents, most of them black, greeted the American troops ecstatically. They blessed the Individuals for their new-discovered independence. In this limited, profitable, nearly cold campaign, Reagan disproved the concept that Marxism was a “historic inevitability.” Leonid Brezhnev had proclaimed: What we have, we maintain. Reagan thought otherwise.
  • Also in October, 1983, the U.S. economic climate turned the corner. Task creation began to pick up robustly. Inflation had come way down. The economic indicators all started to display wholesome indications of restoration. Reagan joked that his close friends could set “egg on their faces and go to their Halloween parties as liberal economists.” The Reagan restoration that commenced in October 1983 lasted right up until October 2008—a quarter century of prosperity.

Secular students, of program, will laugh at the notion that President Reagan’s Proclamation of a Yr of the Bible had everything to do with any of these favorable occasions in our nation’s lifestyle. Permit them chuckle. God laughs, way too. He laughs his enemies to scorn. – Most current entries

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