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In scouting, there’s a secular emphasis on values and virtue that is not identified anyplace else. We really don’t teach civic values in colleges anymore, so exactly where else are little ones going to learn it?”

So mentioned former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, now head of the Boy Scouts of The usa, in an job interview final month. Gates, who spearheaded the military’s renunciation of its historic policy banning homosexuality, said earlier this calendar year that he “would have supported obtaining gay Scoutmasters, but at the very same time, I totally accept the determination that was democratically arrived at by 1,500 volunteers from throughout the entire country.”

I have prepared extensively on the Scouts’ decision to allow what the BSA alone has named “open and avowed” homosexuals into the ranks of Scouting (for illustration, my op-ed in U.S. News and World Report), and will not revisit the many problems involving this concern. As an alternative, I’m intrigued by Mr. Gates’ remark marriage secularism and “values and virtue.”

According to the Cambridge College Push Dictionary, secularism is “the belief that religion must not be concerned with the common social and political actions of a nation.” Truthful ample. But how does this sq. with the mission of Scouting?

Below is an excerpt from Scouting’s membership resolution, handed very last yr at the BSA’s once-a-year conference in Dallas, Texas:

The Scout Oath commences with obligation to God and the Scout Legislation ends with a Scout’s obligation to be reverent, and that will constantly continue being a core benefit of the Boy Scouts of America, and the values set forth in the Scout Oath and Law are fundamental to the BSA and central to training younger individuals to make greater selections over their lifetimes …

Let us see, Mr. Gates: An business that encourages secular (i.e., non-theistic) values speaks of “duty to God” as “fundamental” and a “core price.” These are contradictory assertions, and can’t be built-in with any intellectual honesty.

Here is a quick summary of the entire world of Scouting, according to Robert Gates:

  • A Scout is to be “reverent,” but reverence for God is a secular benefit. I think …
  • Virtues and values are not grounded in exposed real truth or natural regulation but in choices and social adaptations.
  • We need to have an organization like Scouts to train values and virtues, but we cannot talk about in which these values and virtues arrive from, since to do so would suggest having a situation on last and unchanging reality, which would be decidedly un-secular.
  • Youngsters aren’t taught values in their family members, but we can’t define family members considering that to do so would call for a position on identical-sexual intercourse unions, which Scouting can not consider because to do so would be divisive and upsetting and, hey, what is a Scout if not “cheerful,” right?
  • Boy’s Lifestyle magazine will proceed to have Bible stories in each concern, even however the Bible teaches non-secular values like truth and honor and sexual abstinence exterior of classic, one guy-1 female, monogamous relationship, which is anything Scouting neither condemns nor condones.

Robert Gates is a patriot who’s done a lot of great for our region. He is also caught amongst the inner understanding of what is right (“the operates of the Regulation written on his coronary heart,” Romans two:fifteen) and acquiescence to publish-present day contemplating and secularism’s arrogant condescension toward religion.

Unhappy way to end your career, Mr. Secretary. Sad. – Latest entries

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