Retired Air Drive Colonel Rob Maness on Washington View

Yesterday on Washington Look at, Retired Air Power Colonel Rob Maness joined FRC President Tony Perkins to discuss the current trade of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban terrorists.

Tony claims that this questionable trade has rightly dominated national dialogue and is a single in which Us citizens should be demanding answers. Getting spent 32 a long time in the military, USAF (Ret.) Col. Maness phone calls the dealing “unfathomable.” Maness states that the introduced Taliban leaders are “much a lot more unsafe that they had been at the begin they’ve uncovered a lot about People in america from expertise in prison.” They “will use that (ordeals) against us,” Tony states.

Each Maness and Perkins concur that this variety of trade leaves terrorists inspired and places U.S. Services-members serving in hostile environments at better danger. Now that these fierce leaders are again on the battlefield, what ought to Congress do? To listen to the discussion and to hear about how Col. Maness thinks Congress must respond, click on below – Latest entries

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