Reality Issues in Ex-Homosexual Discussion

[Notice: A condensed variation of this put up appeared at The Christian Publish on August 28, 2014 underneath the title, “Ex-Gay Therapy Debate: The Truth Matters.”]

The simple fact that some folks alter their sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual (some spontaneously as a developmental change, some via religious counseling, and some by way of professional therapy) is a large difficulty for the homosexual movement. It critically undermines the fantasy that individuals are “born gay and simply cannot change” This fantasy is essential to producing the public imagine that disapproval of (or even failure to actively affirm and celebrate) gentlemen choosing to have sexual intercourse with guys and ladies choosing to have sexual intercourse with females is just as loathsome as “discrimination” based mostly on race.

The arranged ex-gay movement is little and poorly-funded, but it poses this kind of an existential danger to professional-homosexual mythology that homosexual activists have mounted a furious assault upon it. The principal form this assault has taken is the introduction of legal guidelines that would ban any and all “sexual orientation alter efforts” (or “SOCE”) with minors by licensed psychological overall health suppliers. This idea was pioneered in California exactly where they originally wished a ban across the board irrespective of age. Nevertheless, it was concluded that this shocking violation of a long-time moral principle of consumer autonomy may possibly be too significantly to take, so the ban was limited to minors on the grounds of “protecting” young children. Such legal guidelines have been adopted already in California and New Jersey, but equivalent charges died in a lot more than a dozen other states in excess of the very last 12 months or so.

As famous, “protection of minors” has been a important selling point in the legislatures that have considered these expenses, and the threatened decline of licensing has been the authorized stick utilized. Nevertheless, the Southern Poverty Law Middle (SPLC), a rich, left-wing, anti-Christian political advocacy team that was joined to domestic terrorism in federal court, has executed a pincer motion in New Jersey by suing SOCE providers, which includes unlicensed counselors who perform with grown ups, charging “fraud” below that state’s client protection laws.

Most “sexual reorientation therapy” right now is composed of “talk therapy” — a customer just talking with a counselor about his or her thoughts, activities, associations with parents and friends, and so forth. Some therapists include other constructive strategies that have been validated in a selection of contexts — not just SOCE.

Nonetheless, to generate opposition to SOCE, its opponents have attained back many years to tactics some therapists once used referred to as “aversion therapy” — trying to affiliate homosexual thoughts with some form of damaging stimuli. No 1 has been capable to identify a single therapist truly practising nowadays who uses “aversive” methods in SOCE — but that hasn’t stopped homosexual activists from pretending that they do.

In a hearing prior to the New Jersey legislature, a single witness in support of the ban was a young individual who is a male-to-female transgender and goes by the name Brielle Goldani. Christopher Doyle is ex-gay, a therapist himself, and a founder of the ex-homosexual advocacy team Voice of the Voiceless. He was also present at the March 18, 2013 listening to, and described Goldani’s testimony in a piece for WorldNetDaily the following week:


Twice a week I was hooked up to electrodes on my hands,” she stated. “I, a child, was stunned continuously by people who had my parent’s permission to torture me.” Goldani, now 29, promises that she experienced no rights when her parents sent her away as a male teenager. She promises that the torture transpired at conversion camp referred to as Accurate Directions. “This is nothing a lot more than legalized kid abuse,” claimed Goldani at the hearing.

Getting attended and testified at the listening to myself, I was stunned and horrified to listen to about this kind of abuse… . So I tracked down Goldani and talked to her on the mobile phone to find out more information.

Goldani statements that an Assemblies of God Church in Columbus, Ohio, ran the Accurate Instructions conversion therapy camp:

There were twelve boys, and twelve girls. The initial Sunday I was there, I was forced to sit in their church support, which was nothing at all but dislike speech. Then, on Monday, the heavier remedy began. We ended up pressured to masturbate to heterosexual images and delicate-main pornography, this sort of as Sports Illustrated swimsuit types. 2 times a week, my fingers were hooked up to electrodes for two several hours at a time while we were demonstrated constructive photographs these kinds of as a nuclear household, a feminine with youngsters, a male building worker and a feminine receptionist. I was also subjected to forced IV injections twice a week for two hours every single while becoming made to view adverse images of what they did not approve of. … The injections manufactured me vomit uncontrollably. Every single Friday and Saturday evening, we have been compelled to go on ‘flirting dates’ the place a camp counselor coached us on how to discuss to the reverse sex romantically. … We ended up also provided uniforms to dress in, black pants and white shirts for boys, black skirts and white blouses for girls.”

Finish Quotation

Doyle wrote in his write-up, “As a previous homosexual and practitioner of Sexual Orientation Modify Energy (SOCE) treatment, I had by no means heard of this sort of inhumane treatment, besides from anti-ex-gay activists who frequently declare that SOCE employs these kinds of barbaric techniques.” So he did even more investigation to see if he could verify any of Goldani’s account.

The Assemblies of God in Ohio denied that any this sort of camp existed, or that they had at any time participated in these kinds of actions. The point out federal government of Ohio could locate no document that a camp named “True Directions” experienced ever existed there. Goldani claimed that her family’s church in New Jersey experienced paid out for him to go to the camp for a thirty day period and a 50 percent, but the pastor of the church scoffed at the notion that they would ever have completed this sort of a thing.

Doyle did discover one reference to a “gay conversion camp” named “True Instructions,” although. It was element of the plot of a fictional 1999 film called But I’m a Cheerleader, which starred drag queen RuPaul. It would be hard to conclude anything at all other than that Goldani took the plot of this significantly-fetched motion picture, and attempted to move it off as her personal life story.

The most recent debate over the concern occurred on June 27 at a committee hearing on a bill comparable to the California and New Jersey measures that has been launched in the District of Columbia. You can study my account of the listening to on the Family members Analysis Council Blog, and my testimony on the FRC website.

A single of the witnesses at that hearing who testified in help of the proposed ban was Dr. Gregory Jones, who released himself as a “gay identified” licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in “Affirmative LGBTQ Mental Health.”

In his testimony, Jones provided this quote from a current post on the SOCE bans that appeared on Time magazine’s web site on June 23, 2014:


Sam Brinton suggests that his father initial tried actual physical abuse to rid his young son of homosexual thoughts. When that did not work, Brinton’s dad and mom turned to anything called reparative remedy. Some of the memories are hazy far more than 10 many years later on, but Brinton does remember the techniques the counselor utilized. There was talk remedy, about how God disapproved, and there was aversion therapy, for the duration of which photos of gentlemen touching gentlemen would be accompanied by the software of warmth or ice. “It was fairly a lot mental torture,” Brinton suggests. “To this working day, I nonetheless have light-weight soreness when I shake palms with another male.”

Conclude Quotation

I experienced noticed the Time article — and it, in turn rang a bell. The name of Sam Brinton had very first arrive to my interest the 7 days ahead of that, when a piece appeared in Politico that was authored by John Paulk. In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, John and his spouse Anne have been previous homosexuals who labored for Emphasis on the Household selling the ex-homosexual message. In 2003, they fled the highlight to shift to Oregon, where John opened a catering business.

John Paulk has now renounced his ex-gay advocacy and, evidently, returned to homosexuality. (Anne Paulk, his now-estranged spouse continues to be active in the ex-gay movement.)

A sidebar post accompanied John Paulk’s piece in Politico: “Gay-Conversion Remedy: How It Works (Or Does not),” By Elizabeth F. Ralph.

It included this:


Electroconvulsive Therapy

One previous patient described his course of electroconvulsive remedy, in use these days, as “The Thirty day period of Hell.” The treatment, he instructed the Huffington Put up, “consisted of very small needles being caught into my fingers and then images of express functions in between males would be shown and I’d be electrocuted.”

Conclude Estimate

This refers to Samuel Brinton, a Kansas Condition student whose story was described virtually three several years ago in the Huffington Submit:

Estimate [emphasis added]

I grew up as the son of Southern Baptist missionaries and with no realizing what the word “gay” was (we just called them abominations) I requested my father why I was sensation attracted to my ideal good friend, Dale. I really don’t remember the second punch but I do remember waking up in the emergency room for the third time inquiring the physicians not to deliver me back and telling them that I experienced not fallen down the stairs once again. When “punching the gay out” didn’t perform we moved to conversion therapy. Being told I experienced AIDS and was going to die if the federal government identified me was only the commencing. I would be strapped down with blocks of ice or heating pads positioned on my hands although photos of gentlemen keeping hands ended up proven. The conversion ended when I informed my mothers and fathers I was straight to end the electrocution by needles in my fingers while homosexual intercourse functions where demonstrated to me. When I would later occur back again out to them for a next time I was informed never ever to stroll back again in that home if I desired to walk out alive.

I inform you the tale of my conversion treatment not for dramatic influence but to make clear why I do what I do. I can’t permit another youngster go through that torture due to the fact their parents believe this is the only way to have a normal child.

Conclude Quotation

Brinton gained an award from “Campus Pride,” the university LGBT team, for sharing his horror story of therapy. This report was so surprising that even some pro-“gay” media tried to validate this report — and could not.

Even Wayne Besen, the most rabid “anti-ex-gay” activist, refused to use his tale simply because it remains unverified. Here’s the complete statement Besen posted in the comments section of the Queerty write-up which questioned Brinton’s story.

Estimate [emphasis added]

Wayne Besen

Samuel arrived ahead and informed a tale presumably in an hard work to aid other people. There are teams like mine who would be thrilled to use his example to exhibit the damage induced by “ex-gay” remedy. We stay for genuine existence illustrations like this.

Nevertheless, right up until he gives a lot more details to validate his encounter, he helps make it unattainable for us to use him as an illustration. Without a doubt, it would be grossly irresponsible for us to do so.

If a team like mine places out or encourages a tale that turns out to be exaggerated or bogus, the spiritual correct would rake us via the coals and by extension the total LGBT local community. This would solid an ominous shadow on all of the reputable ex-ex-gay testimonies that have assisted so a lot of folks appear out of the closet.

So, for the sake of the movement he is trying to assist — it is vital that Sam expose specifically who the therapist was that tortured him. He could do this publicly or privately, but we want a lot more info before we can use his narrative.

We quite considerably hope he will provide adequate details so we can help people by sharing his compelling story.


Wayne Besen

Reality Wins Out

Oct 11, 2011 at 8:51 pm

Finish Estimate

Right here is portion of Brinton’s reply to Besen:


I was indirectly in speak to with Wayne and though I know he would like me to ship the data of the therapist that is just not an selection. Counselor soon after counselor has observed me revert to close to suicidal tendencies when I attempt to dig deep into the reminiscences of that time and I basically don’t have his identify. I can picture him obvious as working day in my nightmares but his name is not there. The movement can not use me I guess.

I have no dilemma with men and women not believing my tale. It is not for me to try to show. I don’t want to be the poster-youngster of the anti-conversion remedy movement considering that graduate school at MIT is a lot difficult as it is.

. . .

Oct fourteen, 2011 at two:11 am

End Quotation

Brinton’s memory does not look to have gotten any better since 2011, given that Time reviews “Some of the reminiscences are hazy much more than 10 many years later on.” And he would seem to have dropped the declare that he was electrocuted as part of his treatment (or probably even Time considered that strained credulity). But what even Wayne Besen stated would be “grossly irresponsible” (making use of Brinton as an illustration), Time is properly inclined to do, therefore making Brinton exactly what he coyly claimed he did not want to be — “the poster-youngster of the anti-conversion therapy movement.” – Most recent entries

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