“Previous Chinese Dissident: ‘Escalating Crackdown’ on Church buildings in China”

In accordance to Bob Fu, founder and president of the China Support ministry and probably the world’s top advocate for spiritual liberty in his homeland of China, a number of church buildings are getting demolished across the place. The progress of Christianity is creating Chinese political leaders no stop of heartburn in an inner document received by Pastor Fu, federal government officials were told:

You should … appropriate the phenomenon that religion has grown way too fast, there are too numerous spiritual sites and there are as well several activities, and encourage the healthy, orderly, standardized and affordable development of the religions in our province… Cadres in demand of ethnic and religious affairs at numerous stages must see clearly the political issues behind the Cross.

The only “political issue” guiding the Cross is that Christians affirm a real truth that terrifies oppressive rulers: No 1 — no government, no leader, no state — is Lord only Jesus is.

Of system, devoted believers make the very best citizens in the globe. But which is not great sufficient for tyrants for whom retention of absolute political allegiance is of supreme importance.

As Pastor Fu notes, at the February Nationwide Prayer Breakfast, President Obama stated he would make worldwide religious liberty a precedence for his Administration. But the President has remaining the State Department’s leading situation on the issue, Ambassador-at-Massive for Global Spiritual Freedom, open up for about 9 months. As Liberty University’s Johnnie Moore writes, “Up to this level, it seems questionable whether or not the Obama administration actually cares about these troubles at all. Even with statements like the one produced in the course of the Countrywide Prayer Breakfast, it seems there has been tiny concerted effort to make religious liberty a priority.”

Christians are getting persecuted, sometimes murdered, tortured horribly or held in ghastly prison camps, in places as various as Nigeria and North Korea. When The united states defends religious liberty abroad, it stands not only with folks of faith but improvements her important interests. When we consider rank with individuals persecuted for their religious convictions, we acquire swaths of pals in troubled areas and bolster the reliability we desperately need with our adversaries and friends alike.

President Obama requirements to appoint a vigorous, courageous, and seasoned Ambassador to battle for these oppressed because of to their faith. That he has not completed so for so long raises significant uncertainties about his earnestness in protecting those who reside below the Cross which so frightens the Chinese management and whose message is reworking lives from the smallest village in the most impoverished place to these in the greatest stages of federal government, academia, and company in the world’s capitals.

Pastor Fu shared his very own testimony of imprisonment and persecution when he was even now in China when he spoke at FRC final calendar year. Hear to his relocating remarks and call for American Christians to remember with their brothers and sisters in Christ suffering for their religion — bear in mind them in prayer, in offering, and in calling on the federal govt to live up to its commitments to work for their liberty.

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