On the Death of Eric Garner and Race

Christianity Today has assembled a considerate assortment of observations by Evangelical leaders on the tragic loss of life of Eric Garner. I stimulate readers of the FRC website to consider a handful of moments and read through it. Possibly no one will agree with almost everything every single of the contributors has written, but definitely we can all concur that the Entire body of Christ should a lot more actively go after racial reconciliation.

Paul the apostle teaches us that God “made from one man every single country of mankind to stay on all the confront of the earth” (Functions seventeen:26). Faithful Christians think this, and at FRC we have long affirmed it most Christians I know follow it. At my racially assorted suburban church, I’ve witnessed great proof of how people of “every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” (Revelation seven:9) can provide the dwelling King with each other with pleasure.

But the discomfort of the African-American community regarding the fatalities of Eric Garner and, previously, Michael Brown, is palpable. The clever words and phrases of Lifeway’s Ed Stetzer seize the position nicely: “I was not in the grand jury area, and I never know the proof, but several godly African American leaders are hurting and they are outlining why. I think we ought to pay attention to them.”

Pay attention to FRC President Tony Perkins’ interview with Bishop Harry Jackson, Senior Pastor at Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland on the Bishop’s conferences and encounter on the ground ahead of and following the Ferguson Grand Jury selection not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, and check out out the racial roundtable dialogs hosted by Pastor Darrin Patrick (of The Journey church in St. Louis) for some probing ideas about the church, race and reconciliation.

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