Memo to Evangelicals: All Marriages Are Not, Nor Ever Will Be, Biblically Equal

Evangelicals for Marriage Equality” has revealed a piece in TIME magazine asserting an orthodox theological case for very same-sex “marriage.”

This floor has been lined so usually that to write about it yet again looks redundant to the level of currently being cumbersome. Nevertheless it cannot be dismissed because its proponents maintain raising it. Beneath are some responses to this new initiative whose important argument – that “it’s attainable to be a faithful Christian with a high regard for the authority of the Bible and a faithful supporter of civil relationship equality” – is simply not steady with biblical teaching, all-natural law, or the quantifiable great of society.

This is not a dispute like Christian disagreements over modes of baptism or the doctrines of the end moments (you say amillenial, I say premillennial, but we’re not likely to contact our fellowship off). It is about regardless of whether or not the obvious which means of any quantity of passages in the Outdated and New Testaments is real, and whether or not what the Bible teaches about human sexuality is right or wrong.

To professing Evangelical advocates of exact same-sex “marriage:” Stop dissembling. Reject exposed real truth about human sexual habits if you will. Christ does not compel trustworthy discipleship at the level of a gun. Just really do not pretend the Bible doesn’t say what it states or that your individual ordeals and/or longings need to supersede the commands of the Creator and Redeemer of the universe.

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