Likeability, Character, and Barack Obama

A new Linked Push-GfK poll on President Obama finds that “while (President) Obama’s likeability numbers have recovered considerably, doubts about his decisiveness and honesty persist. A lot more than 50 percent of Americans would not describe him as decisive or trustworthy. Fifty-two percent don’t locate him particularly inspiring.”

Yikes. “Taking stock of President Barack Obama at the five-year mark in his phrase, significantly less than a third of People in america think about him to be an previously mentioned-common main govt. Virtually two times as a lot of locate him likable,” the study finds.

A pair of several years back I wrote a column on likeability and politics. My remark then: “Character counts significantly a lot more than likeability. A person can be winsome, charismatic, and funny, and also be a serial adulterer.” Or a chronic liar.

No president has an simple time in the Oval Office. The stresses and calls for inherent in the occupation of getting leader of the cost-free world are huge. On any given day, a president has to have interaction with a host of often unrelated issues.

Furthermore, every president has flaws, character and managerial and philosophical. Expecting perfection or actual regularity of anyone is a normal no 1 can meet.

But we have a right to expect bedrock honesty and intentionality of function from the chief of the region. Telling falsehoods (“if you like your medical doctor and your overall health insurance, you can maintain them”) and continuously splitting the difference on critical policy matters symbolize a failure of leadership.

Indecision and a absence of integrity are not character characteristics we want in a President. As one’s character is capable of modify, let’s hope (and, much more importantly, pray) Mr. Obama will decide to be a particular person of honesty and sensible and specific judgment in his final several years in office. – Newest entries

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