ISIS: and the New Damascus Road

The New Testament guide of Functions tells us that Saul’s persecutions scattered the church throughout Judea and Samaria. Saul afterwards converted to Christianity, on his way to Damascus to eradicate Christians, and began planting churches during the Mediterranean region

Nowadays a new scattering in the Middle East has started and a new team of persecutors on the highway to Damascus has risen up. The new so-named caliphate, ISIS, which has emerged in the Center East is seeking to get rid of from its borders all individuals who declare allegiance to the Jesus Christ. The slaughter of Christians has been a single of the most troubling facets of the rise of ISIS among many horrific tales coming out of Iraq and Syria.

Whilst persecution is not new to Christians in the Middle East, many communities which have existed for millennia are in hazard of getting eradicated. You can study some of the troubling news in a recent report revealed by the Gatestone Institute.

Christians can pray for the persecuted by inquiring for God’s protection of them and for their boldness in sharing the Gospel. We should also pray that the Lord would modify the hearts of the persecutors like He altered the heart of Paul and in so performing end their evil rampage. May God change this wave of persecution into one particular that turns the coronary heart of a fantastic persecutor into the coronary heart of a excellent missionary, and a single that makes use of the scattering of the trustworthy to spread new hope in Christ wherever they are driven. – Latest entries

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