Introducing Insult to Damage: The Newest Shoe to Fall in Today¿s College Scam

It employed to be that the top quality of an American college or higher education diploma spoke for itself.  An employer could evaluate one’s academic accomplishment by seeking at a transcript and producing a reasonable evaluation.  Well, those days look to be fading rapidly.  Decades of academic bureaucratic bloat, grade inflation, and dumbing down curricula have experienced these kinds of a profound result that a standardized, on the internet college exit examination is getting launched in the spring of 2014.  The 90-minute check, created by the non-income Council for Assist to Education, is known as the Collegiate Understanding Assessment Plus (CLA+), and its scores can be shared with employers.

This write-up and this letters column (“Dear Joyce”/ Joyce Lain Kennedy) from the Chicago Tribune give very good track record info on the CLA+.  From these posts it becomes very clear that “grade inflation” has destroyed the price of the college transcript.  Right here is yet another interesting observation:

In addition, some businesses are rethinking the worth of renowned-title institutions.  Is a degree from Harvard or Stanford genuinely value multiple instances that of a solid state university? That rethink is why the CLA+ could stage the hiring discipline by valuing the specific more than the institution.

Wow.  So, these bloated instructional bureaucracies are creating wildly overpriced educations that might soon have to be validated by a $ 35 nationwide test that assesses “analysis, dilemma resolving, writing, quantitative reasoning and reading.”  Now that is incorporating insult to injury. – Most recent entries

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