“I’m Not in Your Bedroom. Obama is in Your Bedroom”

I have a new hero: Eden Food items founder and CEO Michael Potter.

Eden Foodstuff is an natural company well-known amid the “crunchy, liberal crowd” which has filed match in opposition to the Obama administration more than the HHS mandate. 

Potter is getting slammed in excess of it, thanks in part to a hit piece final week in Salon magazine which publicized the fit and framed Potter as a gentleman with an anti-start control agenda. 

Really do not squander your time on the unique report. Rather, enjoy the refreshing estimates from the no nonsense, basic-talking Mr. Potter in Salon’s follow-up piece from Monday relating a phone conversation in between Potter and Salon writer Irin Carmen.

I’ve acquired far more fascination in excellent quality long underwear than I have in delivery manage drugs,” Potter instructed Carmen. Then he elaborated:

I really don’t treatment if the federal government is telling me to buy my employees Jack Daniel’s or start handle. What offers them the correct to tell me that I have to do that? Which is my concern, that’s what I object to, and which is the commencing and end of the story….I’m not trying to get start control out of Ceremony Assist or Wal-Mart, but don’t tell me I gotta shell out for it.

Rock on, M.P.!

When Carmen pressed Potter using the fallacy that “the mandate doesn’t go over abortion” but “only contraception,” Potter responded this way:

It’s a morass…I’m not an expert in something. I’m not the pope. I’m in the food business. I’m qualified to have views about that and not troubles that are purely women’s problems. I am certified to have an impression about what well being insurance coverage I pay for.

When Carmen explained contraceptive protection is cheaper to spend for than maternity coverage, Potter replied: “One’s obtained a small a lot more warmth and fuzziness to it than the other, for crying out loud.”

Potter is not backing down:  “I worked my ass off at figuring out what to do on it. I labored hard on it and I manufactured a choice,” he mentioned. “The federal govt has no proper to do what they’ve accomplished. No constitutional right, no standing.”

Carmen writes that Potter sounded aggravated that he’s obtaining emails telling him to keep out of people’s bedrooms. “I’m not in your bed room,” he explained. “Obama’s in your bedroom.”

Michael Potter is undertaking the appropriate point, for the appropriate motives, and he’s acquiring slammed by remaining-wing activists who have tons of time on their fingers. He wants to listen to from the relaxation of us.

Here’s exactly where to write: websales@edenfoods.com and details@edenfoods.com

I just did, and here’s what I said: 

Pricey Mr. Potter:

I know you’re getting warmth for your lawsuit from men and women who like the concept of cost-free delivery manage and abortion medicines, courtesy of a weighty-handed federal govt mandate on employers.

But you ought to know there are several men and women who agree with you that it is not the federal government’s location to dictate to employers that they should acquire these things for their workers in their health ideas. And sure, the mandate does include medication that can cause an early abortion, not just contraception.

As a lady and a law firm, my information is this: contraceptives and abortion tablets are widely available, they’re legally unrestricted, and they’re cheap. Any individual who desires them can get them. There is no purpose for the federal federal government to pressure every single employer in The us to provide them “for free.”

Many thanks for standing company. I simply cannot hold out to get tons of Eden Foods!

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