Humanist “Chaplain”? — Not all Worldviews are Religions

We have been heartened to see right now that the Navy determined to adopt the typical feeling place of refusing to commission a humanist “chaplain.” Aside from the failure of the chaplain below review to fulfill the needs of current Office of Defense restrictions, the whole idea of filling a minimal quantity of Navy billets for men and women to counsel provider members on their connection with God with men and women who instead explicitly deny the existence of a God need to strike any individual with a head on their shoulders as downright silly. As Travis described in an job interview on the subject, the Navy charted the correct system here, and averted employing an oxymoronic plan of offering a self-professed non-religious officer a religious commission.

The Navy confirmed that the humanist chaplain candidate was not presented a commission but was not ready to elaborate thanks to privacy considerations. Even so, we hope the Navy simply identified that a humanist could not by definition meet the religious and ecclesiastical skills for services as a military chaplain as proven in DOD rules including DOD Instruction 1304.28. When tries were produced last year in the Residence of Associates to change DOD coverage to allow for the support of atheist chaplains, Users of Congress rejected such proposals by a broad, bi-partisan margin, recognizing that folks who do not think in a God are not able to satisfy the core religious and pastoral part of a military chaplain. Each the Home and the Senate this yr integrated report language accompanying their respective versions of the Fiscal Year 2015 Countrywide Protection Authorization Act praising the function that the army chaplaincy has performed since its creation under Common Washington in delivering spiritual comfort to our Armed Forces and counsel to commanders on how to give for the totally free exercise of religion. The Navy’s choice nowadays ensures that the core mission of the chaplaincy will not be undermined.

Lest the perennial grumblers start to complain again about preferring 1 religion in excess of another, it ought to be pointed out that we are completely for flexibility of faith for all, and totally support chaplains from diverse religions. But the key term in all of this is “religion.” Faith — defining man’s partnership to God — cannot be taken care of by taking away God from the equation. What remains is not a faith, but only a worldview. And no a single here is seeking to suppress any worldview or avert discussion about any and all philosophical outlooks inside the navy ranks. But not all worldviews are instantly entitled to be deemed to fulfill the specifications of a military place developed with an explicitly religious focus. – Most recent entries

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