Human Trafficking: Contemporary-Working day Slavery ¿ Here at Property and Close to the Planet

The State Section has issued its yearly report on human trafficking, “Trafficking in Folks – 2014”.  In announcing the launch of the report, Secretary of Point out John Kerry mentioned that a conservative estimate areas the number of trafficked persons at 20 million.

Below at residence, it is believed that up to three hundred,000 females and women are at risk of getting trafficked – held in bondage to sexual fiefs who use them for prostitution and/or pornography. That estimate was given at FRC by an aide to U.S. Rep. Anne Wagner (R-MO), who has launched legislation to help combat human trafficking here in the U.S.

The romantic relationship in between abortion, pornography, prostitution, and trafficking is acute and extensive. Listed here are some sources to support greater acquaint you with this rats’ nest of evil – and how you can function, in practical techniques, to struggle it, right here at home and overseas (all of these resources are offered and available at no cost):

FRC Online lecture: “Stopping Online Advertisers of Trafficking Victims: the ‘Conserve’ Act

FRC Brochure: “How to Combat Human Trafficking in Your Community

FRC Webcast: “Human Trafficking: Present day-Working day Slavery

FRC Site/Op-Ed: “How China’s ‘One Child’ Coverage Fosters Human Trafficking – Most recent entries

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