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As we have just witnessed in some of the responses to final week’s Supreme Courtroom Pastime Foyer decision, there are those in our place who would not only diminish religious liberty through federal government coercion but denigrate as an archaism that our society must jettison. In accordance to C.J. Werleman in Salon, “The hyper-religious conservatives on the bench of the nation’s large courtroom, all of whom have been appointed by Republican presidents, see the federal govt as being managed by ‘secular humanists’ who would like to make war against the purity of the Christian perception system. Like the 89 million Individuals who depend them selves as evangelicals, they seek out overall cultural and political domination … The American Taliban is on a roll” – and The us is a “corporate theocracy.”

Yikes – all that from a decision that suggests a privately-held company can’t be pressured by the federal government to serve as a conduit for possibly abortifacient medicines. Who knew?

Granted, Werleman’s feedback are severe. Nevertheless, they nonetheless reflect the rage of these for whom religious liberty is a issue of supreme privateness – one’s personalized feelings and occasional, four-walled worship. Relatively, religious liberty is the extremely basis of all other liberties: If our liberties and dignity do not appear from a private, sovereign Creator, from whence do they arrive? And if they do arrive from Him, then government’s function is a single of stewardship of individuals rights, not manipulation or erasure of them.

So, when government seeks to curtail religious liberty, it is affronting the God Who gave it, and asserting its authority to abate all other freedoms. If the capacity to imagine and exercise (in public as well as non-public existence) one’s faith is eroded, what is the basis of our other rights and liberties? The whim of the condition is an unnerving master.

FRC has been at the forefront of the hard work to “preserve, defend, and defend” our spiritual liberty, which is why we needed you to know about our most recent publication, “Hostility to Religion: The Expanding Risk to Spiritual Liberty in the United States.”

This publication, collated by the Director of FRC’s Center for Spiritual Liberty, Georgetown-qualified attorney Travis Weber, consists of a checklist of documented accounts of hostility toward religion in the United States nowadays, damaged down in the subsequent 4 definable types of incidents:

  • Part I: Suppression of Religious Expression in the Public Square
  • Section II: Suppression of Religious Expression in Educational institutions and Universities
  • Area III: Censure of Spiritual Viewpoints Regarding Sexuality
  • Segment IV: Suppression of Religious Expression on Sexuality Utilizing Nondiscrimination Laws

Hostility to Religion” can be both downloaded and shared on-line at no cost. Remember to use this source in contemplating the stakes for people of religion in a culture in which articulate spiritual perception is seen by some as comedian and pathetic and, as a result, unimportant and disposable. We need to have to hold producing the argument, graciously but constantly and firmly, that spiritual liberty issues – to everyone.

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