Gov. Mike Huckabee phone calls Southern Poverty Law Middle one of the “Greatest Frauds in America”

Before today, General Jerry Boykin,FRC’s Govt Vice President appeared on Mike Huckabee’s radio present to discuss the release of a new video that displays the Southern Poverty Legislation Center’s url to the terrorist taking pictures at Family members Investigation Council on August 15.  

In the job interview, Governor Huckabee mentioned, “I am likely to do almost everything I can to expose the Southern Poverty Legislation Center for the fraud that it is…for the complete disingenuous support that it does to this place by falsely and I consider just ridiculously naming decent companies as ‘hate teams.’  They should be held accountable for the manner in which they have developed the acrimonious… setting in this nation and have accomplished all types of items to falsely label folks and get them focused. Folks need to have to know that this is not some benign organization.”

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