FRC in the News: February 12, 2013

Schwarzwalder: Boy Scouts Issue Marches On

FRC’s Senior Vice President, Rob Schwarzwalder, was quoted in the New York Instances regarding the Boy Scouts determination to possibly modify its plan that demands members and leaders to be “morally straight.” The leaked announcement from the Boy Scouts of America, as Schwarzwalder states, has triggered the “emergence of widespread grass-roots movement…It’s anything that has animated a lot of men and women due to the fact of their spiritual convictions and worries about their children.”

Media Ignores Terrorism Toward Conservatives on Capitol Soil

Ken Klukowski, FRC’s Director for Religious Liberty, just lately wrote an write-up for Breitbart Information about how the media disregarded the trial of Floyd Corkins, the gentleman who tried a mass murder at the FRC headquarters in D.C. Klukowski poses the question:

“How several stories have you noticed on the broadcast networks or cable networks—any of the networks—about the very first-at any time domestic terrorism conviction in our nation’s cash? Is identical-intercourse relationship this kind of a politically proper situation that no a single wants to tell the community when a gay-rights political activist shoots a person in an attempted mass-murder?”

Lincoln: Is His Legacy Still Alive?

FRC’s Senior Fellows, Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison, highlight Lincoln’s legacy and evaluate it to that of the existing White Residence resident in their current post highlighted in American Thinker. Blackwell and Morrison position out that however both previous senators stood in Springfield, Illinois, 1 firmly stood to totally free innocent human life. The other firmly stood towards guarding harmless kids who survived abortion assault and were left in closets to die. As Blackwell and Morrison state:

We will proceed to pray for President Obama, but nowadays we honor the Lincoln Legacy. He spoke clearly to us when he mentioned the Founders considered: “Nothing stamped in the divine impression was sent into the globe to be trod upon.” We have to carry on respectfully to confront President Obama with this query: “Mr. President: Are not unborn children so stamped?”’

On the Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI

Cathy Ruse, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Legal Reports, counseled Pope Benedict XVI for his provider in her modern job interview on CNBC. Ruse also wrote a recent report about Pope Benedict as properly as the deciding on of the subsequent pope in Human Functions. Ruse stateds that,

“One thing is specified: The following pope will be in the mould of John Paul II and Benedict XVI given that every 1 of the cardinals who will do the choosing was chosen for this role by them.  And whoever that is, everybody – Protestant, Catholic, and Jew alike – will care.” – Most recent entries

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