FRC In the News: April 22, 2013

Speaking Out on the Scouts

Rob Schwarzwalder, FRC’s Senior Vice President, was quoted in a current Wall Road Journal article relating to the modern proposed coverage for the Boy Scouts. Schwarzwalder provides up an insightful level about the website link amongst scouts and leaders. The article states:

“Rob Schwarzwalder, a spokesman for the Family Research Council, a conservative activist group, stated it tends to make no feeling to have a different plan for youth and grownups since gentlemen who turn into Scout leaders generally start as Scouts. Will homosexual Eagle Scouts ‘be denied the prospect to be Scout Masters?’ he stated.”

Egypt Persecutes Christians and Us citizens Spend the Bills

FRC’s Senior Fellows, Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison, write about how Coptic Christians in Egypt are being persecuted by the Muslim Brotherhood. Their latest article featured on points out that Coptic Christians have been burned at the stake and other folks have been teargassed, followed by imprisonment. Blackwell and Morrison question if it is great plan for The united states to be supporting this sort of persecution with their money. They state:

“The Obama administration has never defined how it can make sense for Us citizens to borrow billions from China to give it to a government in Egypt that is rolling above its own citizens and turning a blind eye to those of its backers who are burning Coptic church buildings, shooting them down, and location them on fire. We may possibly not be in a position to safeguard the Copts of Egypt, but we certainly must not be assisting their persecutors. If the Morsi administration commences to crucify the Copts, will we pay out for the nails?”

New York Times Defends Its Insubstantial Coverage of Gosnell Trial

Rob Schwarzwalder’s post, which was showcased on describes how an editor at The New York Occasions failed to recognize the horrors of “Dr.” Gosnell and other abortion providers. Schwarzwalder states:

“Mr. Rosenthal’s issue is not for the unborn and born youngsters slaughtered like chubby pigs by Gosnell and his minions, or the girls whose lives have been lost and overall health misshapen because of grotesque treatment they received. Rather, Mr. Rosenthal’s significant criticism is the unsanitary situations of Gosnell’s clinic…With audacity so great it stifles the cry of honesty, Mr. Rosenthal goes on to create, ‘Last I checked, there is no rule that a newspaper, or that paper’s editorial page, has to operate one particular piece about a undesirable clinic for every piece celebrating a excellent one particular.’ Truthful point. But I ponder why the Instances, as it did with the trial of Tiller murderer George Roeder, did not go over these kinds of things as jury selection or pronounce endlessly on the assorted concerns associated in the Gosnell scenario.”

Why the Romeikes’ Struggle Is Our Fight

Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison create about how the Romeikes’ left Germany a long time back, so they could have the opportunity to homeschool their kids. They arrived to the United States for this flexibility, and they are now threatened with the potential customers of currently being deported for the very freedom they ended up in search of in the initial spot. Blackwell and Morrison point out in their report highlighted in Patriot Post:

Think about this scene: In Oct 2006, “German law enforcement officers entered the Romeike home without having a created court docket get, forcibly taking away the Romeike youngsters, and escorted them to a public school.” German authorities laid large fines — upwards of $ ten,000 — on the Romeikes. They threatened to just take the young children absent. The Romeikes fled to The united states, this home of freedom…The Romeikes battle is our combat, way too! Help them now by getting in touch with We should understand that residence schoolers protect spiritual flexibility for all of us — no matter whether we property school our kids or not. If they can be crushed, we all will see parents’ legal rights and Very first Amendment legal rights hollowed out.” – Latest entries

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