Determined Occasions for Christians in Syria

Exact information of the depredations currently being frequented on Christians by the savage ISIS forces operating in Syria and Iraq is not effortless to come by. Thankfully, there are policy experts in Washington who have established deep ties with Syria’s Christians. One particular of these experts is Katharine (“Katie”) Gorka, President of the Council on International Safety.

Mrs. Gorka has prepared two considerable posts in Breitbart’s nationwide security segment on the modern ISIS attacks in opposition to these Christians. In the initial report she collected information by right contacting associates of the Assyrian community. A summary of the specifics is as follows:

Close to 4:00 in the early morning on Monday, February twenty third, an believed 1500 ISIS fighters attacked a series of Christian cities in northeast Syria, burning churches, taking as several as ninety hostages, and forcing hundreds to flee from their houses.

A lot of Christians have fled to the Syrian town of al-Hassaka, but the dread now is that ISIS will overrun the town, eliminate the gentlemen, and kidnap the women and kids. Soon after the attacks on Monday, Gorka writes, “According to one particular source, ISIS has taken thirty Christian young females and strategies to distribute them as concubines in the town of Shadadeh.”

In the next write-up, “ISIS Hammers Christian Towns in Syria for 3rd Working day,” Gorka offers a better feeling of the navy campaign becoming waged by ISIS towards 30-5 Assyrian cities in northeastern Syria. One resource advised Gorka “that ISIS is even now trying to get manage of the location and that they are making an attempt to cross the Khabur River.” Kurdish and Syrian forces have repelled the assaults so much “but it is uncertain how much longer that can very last.” ISIS is estimated to have a number of thousand fighters involved. The Kurds and Christians have less, and they are inadequately armed.

Reading in between the traces, the American work has been comically inadequate. For case in point, DoD put out a press release trumpeting less than a dozen drone strikes in a day. ROLLING THUNDER this is not.

What’s crucial is the bottom line: the United States is making no commitment or hard work to genuinely aid the Christians. Practically nothing new here. Nevertheless, the U.S. federal government appears to be carrying out one thing. It is running a disinformation campaign against the American general public to make it believe that these Middle Jap minority populations are not currently being sacrificed.

(Lastly, ISIS is destroying cultural artifacts in Mosul. Read through this write-up describing how it burned down the Mosul Community Library. “Among the a lot of 1000’s of publications it housed, far more than eight,000 uncommon aged books and manuscripts were burned.”) – Most current entries

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