Conservatives Should Resolutely Oppose Common Core — And so Should Liberals

Conservatives and liberals should oppose federal usurpation of power that is recognized as Widespread Core State Standards.

The entire history of this education and learning “reform” work has been a single of stealth and deception. In this Townhall column, FRC Senior Fellow Bob Morrison, an formal of the federal schooling division underneath Ronald Reagan, argues for returning education and learning policymaking to state lawmakers, regionally elected college boards, and mother and father. That is in which the Founders and President Reagan considered choices about education and learning need to be created. That is in which the Constitution placed education.

When a liberal Republican Congressman requested to fulfill President Reagan to discuss the “future of the education office,” the Gipper observed in the margin of his day-to-day routine: “I hope it doesn’t have one.” President Reagan’s observe was prepared in his possess handwriting, in cursive script. Widespread Main educrats want to dispense with training cursive writing — nevertheless another explanation to oppose it! – Latest entries

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