Congressmen Defend Federal Part in Blocking D.C. Cannabis Legalization

Agent Andy Harris (R-MD) has been blacklisted from a regional Washington D.C. bike store, at minimum in accordance to the signal in their window looking through “Andy Harris Not Welcome.” For those organizing to go to who want to avoid a comparable fate, the cautionary tale below is do not assume to uphold federal marijuana laws in the District if you want to get your derailleur adjusted.

Earlier this thirty day period, Rep. Harris successfully attached bipartisan language to the omnibus spending deal designed to block enactment of a cannabis legalization initiative that the District handed in November. Pot activists have decried the action as an illustration of an outsider meddling in regional affairs. “You do not serve us, we really do not serve you” is the tagline to their blacklist sign, a reference to the reality that Rep. Harris’ district is in Maryland and not in D.C.

What is going on, aren’t Republican’s for self-authorities and regional control?

It’s a reasonable issue to request and a single that Rep. Harris together with Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) have dealt with in a Washington Submit op-ed. I will not endeavor to repeat it here but the thrust of the argument is: yes, Republicans are the social gathering of self-government and nearby handle, but they’re also the get together of the Constitution and respect for the rule of regulation.

Federal regulation is express, beneath the Managed Substances Act it is unlawful to manufacture, distribute or possess cannabis. Additionally, Report I, § 8, cl. 17I of the Constitution grants Congress the electrical power to “exercise unique Legislation in all Circumstances whatsoever” more than the District of Columbia. The demand that Congress is by some means treating the District unfairly or in a way they would not treat one more city ignores the reality that the District is unlike any other town.

Every single year, the Appropriations Committee, on which Rep. Harris sits, gives federal payments to the tune of $ five hundred,000,000 to the District of Columbia for the price of judges, courtroom personnel and defendant illustration. They give payments for packages in locations like schooling and protection. The Division of Justice provides payment for federal lawyers to prosecute regional crimes and residence prisoners. Federal taxpayers do not fund comparable routines in any other city.

As Reps. Harris and Pitts rightly point out in their op-ed, if marijuana rules aren’t complicated sufficient, practically a quarter of the District is federal park land and is policed by 26 different enforcement agencies—places and staff that would even now solution to federal legislation, not D.C. legalization.

Congress has a immediate accountability more than the District of Columbia. 1 that seemingly receives you kicked out of bike stores. – Most current entries

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