Collateral damage in the ‘war on women’ discussion: Sexual danger avoidance training caught in the crosshairs

Collateral damage in the ‘war on women’ debate: Sexual risk avoidance education and learning caught in the crosshairs

The phrase “war on women” is an agenda-driven try to give sufferer standing to ladies although disregarding their victimization by hazardous sexual messages.

The use of the phrase is also supposed to intimidate the messenger into silence – all the although speaking a information that truly places young females at danger. This briefing uncovers the newest attacks to mischaracterize the optimum sexual danger avoidance technique of abstinence training. Attendees will understand that the ‘war on women’ argument commenced close to Entire world War I – and that feminists mainly turned down it then – as they ought to nowadays. Sex schooling that is implemented in every point out in the Union is getting drawn into this mainly disingenuous ‘war’ which implies that young children are getting to be pawns to an agenda that undermines their very best pursuits.

Valerie Huber is the President/CEO of the Nationwide Abstinence Training Association (NAEA), a Washington DC-based specialist association in assistance of abstinence education as the optimal strategy for teenager sexual overall health. Valerie beforehand served as the Title V Abstinence Education Coordinator for the condition of Ohio in which she offered oversight and grant awards to group abstinence packages serving above 100,000 students for every calendar year as portion of the Ohio Department of Well being. She is a recurrent spokesperson for teenager sexual health in a variety of media venues and has been interviewed hundreds of instances by notable print, radio and television stores. She is an expert on the background of sexual intercourse schooling as effectively as the community plan choice-making that has affected how intercourse schooling is taught in communities throughout the nation. – Approaching Events

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