Children of the Coronary heart

Adoption is a standard focus on of psycho-babbling critics, race-mongerers, ultra-nationalists in nations crammed with parentless youngsters, and these who feel youngsters are far better warehoused than loved.

In addition to rejecting all of these demonic conceptions, it’s a personal pleasure for me to affirm the question that adoption brings into countless households, which includes my own.

Bethany Christian Solutions, by means of which my spouse and I adopted our three young children, has connected 1000’s of moms and dads with kids who want the affection and security of a household. In a moving story on how Bethany brought him jointly with his father and mom here in the States, Ethiopia-born Getenet Timmermans tells how his brother and he “found a family” in Illinois, and with them identified enjoy, hope, and a future.

You can study Getenet’s account here. I hope you will, and that you will share it with anybody you know skeptical of bearing young children from the heart and not just the womb. – Most current entries

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