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Columnist George F. Will as soon as wrote about the British Expeditionary Drive (BEF) in France in 1940. The fast progress of Hitler’s Panzer divisions, supported by the terrifying new air weapon of his air force, the Luftwaffe, was crushing French and British opposition. The Germans had broken by means of on Might 10th, the very same day that in London Winston Churchill experienced become Prime Minister. Churchill understood he would have to evacuate his surrounded troops from the embattled town of Dunkirk, a single of the French Channel ports. He also knew that he would have to get some of his soldiers in Calais, yet another Channel port, to battle to the demise to cover the BEF retreat.

We now know, of system, that Churchill and his War Cabinet had hoped to get as many as a hundred,000 troops rescued from the beaches and brought property. So desperate was their circumstance that they thought that might be the largest variety they could hope for. Those one hundred,000 troopers would have to abandon all their tanks, vehicles, and artillery in France. Even their rifles. At home in England, elderly gentlemen of the all-volunteer Property Guard had been drilling on village squares with only broomsticks in spot of rifles on their shoulders.

George Will wrote of these desperate days in a column some a long time in the past. He wrote not of the 336,000 troops of the BEF and their Free of charge French and Polish allies who were ultimately introduced off from Dunkirk. This was hailed by Churchill as “a wonder of deliverance.”

Columnist Will wrote rather of some of those who guarded the rear of the BEF, individuals courageous warriors French and British who made it achievable for the great host—that 3rd of a million—to be rescued. One of the commanders of that doomed division sent a limited message back to Whitehall, in London. The War Cupboard study this three-word transmission.


In those biblically literate times, as they faced the prospect of invasion and enslavement, the British at residence have been stirred as they experienced in no way been stirred in the two thousand-yr history of their island residence. They instantaneously regarded those a few terms. They ended up spoken by the three youthful Israelites in the Ebook of Daniel. The total quotation follows the description of the fiery furnace into which King Nebuchadnezzar would toss the younger men if they refused to bow down to his Golden Image:

But if not, be it recognized unto thee, O king, that we will not serve thy gods nor the golden graphic that thou hast set up.” [Daniel 3:18]

The a few-term message was all that these courageous guys could send out to their commanders. Numerous of these defenders of the Dunkirk evacuation prayed, no doubt, that God would supply them. But if not, they had been declaring, they would not bow down to Hitler’s New Get in Europe. Hundreds of those who have been not killed have been captured and would spend the war in Nazi captivity, where not a handful of of them died.

Dr. James Dobson encourages us to go through 5 Days in London, by John Lukacs. That ebook tells the story of Britain in her hour of optimum danger. I go through that limited quantity each spring. And Dr. Dobson likes to remind us of the Countrywide Working day of Prayer that was specifically named for by the British govt as their trapped men collected on those beaches.

Winston Churchill, it is real, was impatient, oppressed by numerous “hard and large tidings” from France. He genuinely didn’t want to split absent to go to the Prayer Vigil at Westminster Abbey. But he was not however protected in his own political place. He experienced clashed with his International Minister, Lord Halifax. Halifax was a well-known Anglican churchman. Halifax pressed Churchill for two things—a positive reply to “peace feelers” from Italy’s Fascist dictator, Mussolini, and a National Day of Prayer.

Churchill experienced to give Halifax—whom he named that Holy Fox—something. Oh, alright then, a Countrywide Day of Prayer. But the Prime Minister sent in advance phrase that he would only show up at for ten-thirty minutes. A vicar welcomed him and stated he would so like to tell the trustworthy that their Primary Minister was a pillar of the Anglican Church, like Lord Halifax. Churchill puckishly replied: “You may say I am a flying buttress. I help the church, but from outside.”

Though Churchill had small faith in the efficacy of prayer, he may possibly have had a mustard seed. The English Channel, that 23-mile anti-tank ditch, was generally stormy, even in May. For the duration of the Dunkirk evacuation, the Channel was, as numerous of the escaping troopers testified “as tranquil as a millpond.” German U-boats had been stored at bay. And Stukas dive bombing the troopers hunkered down on the seaside identified many of their bombs’ explosions ended up muffled by the sand and surf.

Right now, we are not getting asked to stand up to Hitler. And I do not cost our adversaries with currently being Nazis. I do not dislike them. But this considerably must be distinct: The conclude of relationship equals the conclude of liberty. They cannot deliver about this unnatural modify without having crushing freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, independence of faith. The finish of liberty equals the conclude of The us. The stakes are that high.

We are indeed currently being asked to bow down to a golden image. It is President Obama’s elementary transformation of the American Republic. And the avatar of that transformation is “Julia,” the White House’s fictional everywoman. Her entire life is lived in dependence on the federal government. The only guy in Julia’s life is Barack Obama.

George Will has prolonged given that given up. He suggests the opponents of unmarriage are actually dying off. That phrase did not achieve the youthful French who attended our March for Marriage. Or the 400 younger Korean-People in america who rode via the night by bus from Flushing, Queens to stand for relationship. Nor has it arrived at the youthful individuals of MarriageGeneration.org

I am younger, however not by a lot, than George Will. I named the Protection of Relationship Act in 1996 due to the fact I wanted folks to discover that relationship by itself was underneath attack. I will not give in. I anticipate we will win, Mr. Will. But if not…

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