Bowdoin College and Spiritual Bigotry

Bowdoin University, a single of America’s elite institutions of larger training, has now “banned a neighborhood law firm and his spouse from foremost campus Bible reports with students after the few refused to sign a non-discrimination arrangement they say violates their Christian faith.”

For virtually the earlier ten years the couple, Rob and Sim Gregory, has been volunteers with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship’s Bowdoin Christian Fellowship (BCF). They have been informed they will no longer be welcome on Bowdoin’s campus following Might because of their dedication to the Bible’s teaching that sexual intimacy is reserved for a heterosexual few within the covenant of marriage.

The pursuing excerpt from The Maine Wire points out the tale nicely and succinctly:

For nearly a 10 years, the Gregorys have been a fixture of Bowdoin’s group and supply of counsel and ease and comfort for university-aged Christians. But very last calendar year administration officials informed the Gregorys they would be essential to signal a non-discrimination agreement in buy to continue serving as an advisor to BCF.

If someone’s participating in an business and they are LGBTIQA [Lesbian, Homosexual, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Questioning, Asexual] and they are not allowed to take part in that group simply because of their sexual orientation or they are not able to direct that business due to the fact of their sexual orientation, then that is discrimination,” stated Dean of Scholar Affairs Tim Foster, according to the Bowdoin Orient.

In accordance to the Orient, Foster explained the initiative grew partly as a response to the Penn Point out scandal in 2011 in which assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of numerous counts of little one molestation. “One of the items we understood,” Foster instructed the Orient, “is that we have people on our campus doing work with college students, paying a significant sum of time with learners, and we don’t know a whole lot about a whole lot of these people.”

Gregory, who operates a Damariscotta-based legislation firm and is also a minister, experienced no qualms publishing to a qualifications verify. But for him, signing the settlement would constitute a violation of his Christian religion. So he supplied a revision to the arrangement that would defend his proper to instruct the historical Christian religion – without having Bowdoin’s censorship. Similar spiritual exemptions have been adopted at other American schools and universities.

The recommended modification to the agreement go through, in portion, as follows: “Reservation of Legal rights to Religious Beliefs and Methods: The signature on this settlement shall not be construed to restrict in any way the appropriate of the undersigned Volunteer to keep, train and exercise his/her sincerely held Christian spiritual beliefs and to stick to, maintain, and train the spiritual beliefs and techniques of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in the conduct of its campus ministry at Bowdoin College.”

In a Feb. 5 email acquired by The Maine Wire, Nathan Hintze, associate director of college student actions, turned down Gregory’s compromise language.

I’m sorry that you have determined not to concur to the College’s volunteer plan,” mentioned Hintze. “Both the Muslim and Catholic volunteers have in simple fact agreed without reservation.. It is just unacceptable to have University-identified scholar corporations properly discriminate towards men and women in violation of Maine law, which protects students’ proper to totally participate as associates of an firm and to lead that organization no matter of one’s sexual orientation.”

The stern, unbending voice of crypto-fascism is all as well common in the college’s condescending responses. For Rob Gregory, as quoted in Bowdoin’s pupil paper, The Orient, the basic situation is fidelity to Scripture and to historic Christian educating: “The Bible teaches that human sexuality is predicted to uncover its fulfillment inside of the twoness of persons and the twoness of genders.”

For this affirmation of biblical training on human sexuality, the Gregorys are becoming pressured off the Bowdoin campus.

A pal of mine, who is related with Bowdoin, sent me the pursuing in a confidential email:

Rob and his wife, Sim, have hosted pupils a great number of instances at their houses, taken on pro bono an internationally-lined lead to to support a Bowdoin student, and spent hundreds of pounds to love Bowdoin students out of their really like for Christ. I know this firsthand, however Rob doesn’t say this publicly at all. In brief, Bowdoin could not be targeting and smearing a better gentleman (and his spouse). Rob is gospel-centered, a guy of oak, and does all this work (generally 35 hrs a 7 days) when he’s not currently being a large-driven Maine legal professional. He and his spouse are not paid a dime for this! They provide Bowdoin’s college students selflessly, and Bowdoin has the temerity to consider to crush them.

The historic Judeo-Christian comprehension of morally valid human sexual expression is not bigoted, intolerant, or whatever other exhausted conditions-of-political-art its opponents use whenever their social suzerainty in our decomposing age is questioned. And if the Bible’s teaching on human sexuality is accurate, then there is no floor for compromise with people who insist it not be taught. There is no common ground listed here, which is terrifying for any person who cares about liberty and justice in a self-governing society.

The Gregorys are worthy of our many thanks for their willingness to stand unequivocally “for the Phrase of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Revelation one:two). They are losing accessibility to the Bowdoin campus in time, but for them, a nicely-deserved eternal reward awaits. Not a bad trade-off, that. – Most current entries

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