A President Who Shrugs

I have created elsewhere of Barack Obama’s increasing disinterest in currently being President of the United States. This observation has been made by a lot of other people, way too.

But his boredom appears perhaps to have descended into contempt for politics usually. Listed here are some headlines with regards to his response to Tuesday’s election that make this stage. Of note is that these are tales in mainstream, undoubtedly non-conservative publications like TIME, the New York Occasions and National Journal.

Republicans just received the election. President Obama doesn’t much care.”

Obama: Midterms? What midterms?

Obama Isn’t Listening to Voters He Statements to Hear

Obama, Chastened But Uncompromising”

Allies Right to Fear About Passive Obama”

His Celebration Is at a Lower Position, and Obama Seems Passive”

Obama Resists Training course Change Following Election Rebuke”

President Obama is Not a Happy Warrior”

As an exasperated Dana Milbank wrote in today’s Washington Submit, the President “seems numb to this most current ‘sheallacking’ of the Democrats:”

“I listen to you,” President Obama said to the voters who gave Democrats an electoral drubbing in Tuesday’s midterm elections. But their information went in 1 presidential ear and out the other … It’s accurate that voters are disgusted with the two functions, but they have been especially disappointed with Obama. In exit polls, 33 % mentioned their votes ended up to show disapproval of him.

Milbank suggests that though Mr. Obama “had called Democrats’ 2010 losses a ‘shellacking,’ he declined even to label Tuesday’s outcomes.” Afterwards in his piece, Milbank concludes that Mr. Obama’s “solution was to defer responsibility.”

No President has the luxurious of petulance, disdain or disengagement. Christians need to pray that, for the very good of our region, Mr. Obama not only would make wise conclusions and turn from wrong sights and unsuccessful procedures, but that he’d get his head in a sport with stakes far, considerably way too high to let languish.

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