“5 Democrat Abortion Guidelines Far more Severe Than Killing seven-Pound Babies”

That’s the title of an op-ed by Alliance Defending Freedom’s Casey Mattox, printed in The Federalist, that merits studying.  In sum, below are the 5 insurance policies Casey cites:

one. Democrats Help Aborting Infants for Race, Sexual intercourse, and Down Syndrome

two. Democrats Oppose Offering Females Other Alternatives

three. Democrats Want to Make Pro-Existence Doctors and Nurses Perform Abortions

4. Democrats Want to Make You — and Your Church — Shell out for Abortions

five. Democrats Want to Permit the Most Barbaric and Dehumanizing Abortion Techniques

No matter whether or not these tenets of Democratic religion are far more severe that killing a completely-designed, eager-to-be-born child is questionable.  But they are evil, extremely so.  No individual of conscience must dispute that.

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