How I Became a Member of SocialSpark


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Not long ago, I read an article online on how to make money through blogging. I had no idea what blogging is, let alone having my own blog. But it didn’t stop me from learning more. I did my research and put things together until finally I had a clear definition of what a blog is. “Web Log”, that’s where the word blog came from. With the help of my husband whose passion is creating websites, I got my own blog. But that was not enough. I want to get connected to other bloggers too. To learn from them and eventually get better on what I love doing, writing.

So I went back to that article. Read the list and found payperpost interesting. I get to learn more and get paid at the same time! So I signed up. I keep checking my account for leads and opportunities. I was so excited when I finally got an email telling me that I have leads. I couldn’t wait to start blogging. What happened when I logged in to ppp was very frustrating. I got leads that are not related to my URL. Patience….. Then I got opportunities. I accepted every single one. Thinking that I’d be able to find them somewhere in my account when I would start writing a post. But no, I couldn’t find them. I know I did something wrong but I couldn’t figure out what.

In my search for answers, I stumbled upon SocialSpark. I thought I’d give it a try hoping that this time I wouldn’t feel so lost as with ppp. So I signed up. And here I am writing my very first post for SocialSpark. Looking forward, I hope that this won’t be as complicated as I thought ppp is.
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