WWII veterans push back against Obama snub over war memorial ban

WWII veterans push back against Obama snub over war memorial ban

Obama’s park service couldn’t stop “The Greatest Generation”

October 2, 2013

World War II veterans won another war yesterday (Oct. 1). This one was against President Barack Obama’s brushoff and a government shutdown.

Blaming the government shutdown, the WWII war memorial in Washington was closed by the National Park Service. When 91 veterans from Mississippi were turned away from visiting the memorial, eight members of congress valiantly rose in support.

Here’s an excerpt from an excellent news article by Todd Starnes:

The congressman [Congressman Steven Palazzo] worked in vain to try to convince the National Park Service to open the memorial.

He called the Department of Interior but they did not intervene.

He even wrote to President Obama – pleading with him to open the memorial so that the elderly men could lay flowers and pay their respects to fallen brothers. But the president remained silent.

Did you catch that last line? “But the president remained silent.” Rather than order the National Park Service to stand down and allow our veterans to visit their memorial, “the president remained silent.”

In the end, the veterans and members of congress would not be stopped from visiting their memorial. In the truest spirit of freedom, they ignored the “closed” signs, the yellow tape and the barriers and visited the memorial anyway.

Please read the entire article, and then take action to let President Obama know his inaction to help our aging WWII veterans is disrespectful and appalling.


After reading Todd Starnes article, I know you’ll want to send an email letter to President Obama, letting him know that his lack of compassion and respect for WWII veterans is inexcusable.

We have prepared a letter for you to send to President Obama, or you can write your own.

Take Action Now Send Your Email to President Obama Now!

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