We warned them then and we warn them now

We warned them then and we warn them now

March 6, 2014

Last week, the pro-gay machine inside the Disney Corporation flexed its muscles and yanked all funding from the Boy Scouts until it agrees to fully capitulate and allow gay adults to serve as leaders. 

We warned the BSA then and we warn them now…with homosexuals, it’s not enough…it’s never enough. Once the BSA compromised its values, it lost its identity and will suffer the consequences. 

Disney is not any better. It gave up its values years ago. From “Gay Days” at Disneyland to its ABC Family television network, Disney is sold out to promoting same-sex twosomes. 

So how did these two institutions go from family-friendly to gay advocacy? 

Simply put, liberal media and gay activists used the latest technology to get their message out instantly and broadly. They were able to overwhelm Disney and the BSA, and bully them into submission. 

Let’s level the field
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